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Could anyone recommend me some good, laid back acoustic music?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone
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Kings of Convenience, Harry Nilsson, Robert Wyatt

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Jack Johnson. Acoustic, laid back, amazing!

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Kings of Convenience are already a group I’m fond of, I’ll have to check out the others, thanks peedub!

Jack Johnson is also pretty great, although his stuff can be a little sameish.

Cheers guys. More suggestions are welcome and appreciated! :) I have a long train journey through the night, which luckily has WiFi so I can abuse the iTunes store.

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I love the Pat McGee Band. They were a local gig here in Richmond, VA in the late 90’s until they broke out and went national. Their sound went to a more pop angle after that though and I kind of stopped keeping up with them. Anyways this is their first album and it’s got some great tracks it’s called From the Wood.

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Johnathan Richman, Jose Gonzales, Leonard Cohen,

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Will Oldham

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Jude is great. His first album 430 N Harper Ave is the best in my opinion. His album “Sarah” is also really good.

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Beyond Words by Bobby McFerrin

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@mcbealer- I just saw something with Bobby McFerrin composing a symphony in Germany. He was amazing. His vocals weren’t words, but instrument-like.

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yeah, I love listening to him while I make jewelry.

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How about Bon Iver or Damien Jurado, And, although not entirely acoustic, “Boxer” by The National is my go-to of last for relaxation time.

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Brett Dennen…. check it

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Just off the top of my head, these r some of my favs that I like to relax to: Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, Explosions in the Sky, The Format, Iron & Wine, Ray Lamontagne, and Jack Johnsonas well. Happy listening! :)

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Andrew Bird, M. Ward, The Mountain Goats, Bright Eyes, Band of Horses, Iron and Wine, Bob Dylan,

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Band of Horses! I forgot about them. They are awesome. Thanks jamms.

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Jason mraz ;)

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dispatch is awesome

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Billy Brag is another.

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If you are talking really laid back, then check out the acoustic work of Phil Keaggy, John Renbourne, Bert Jansch & Earl Klugh.

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Jollie Holland, Neko Case, always Bob Dylan

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Fleet Foxes

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