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Is fluther a place to grow?

Asked by Robby (252points) April 9th, 2008

From the experience and knowledge gained in the short time I have been a member of the collective, not only has it been educational, but an experience that i’m proud to be a part of.. Though I maybe new. I’m in “no doubt” impressed by the Intellectual and well thought of questions and opinions of others. Not only does it influence my willingness to grow and learn but to improve on the quality of life. So thanks to those that take the moment out of their busy lifes to respond to others.

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Good question! Just admt it! Regardless of your education or sophistication. “person” can come for answers. It really does feel ggod to at least try to be some sort of beneficially part in in someone elses life..

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To me its totally about growing. Here we grow as people and a community. I absolutly love every minute I’m here. A bunch of my friends say I’m hopelessly addicted, and its pretty much true. I love it!

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The real world is a place to grow. Fluther is merely a tool amongst many that are available to us.

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Yes it has that potential.

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Sorry to those that do not approve of my thoughts!

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One big happy family, And Chuck Norris can be our father.

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Yes, if you are selective. Sometimes it can be a place to shrink. And, Robby, isn’t there a difference between disapproval and disagreement? There is a lot of courteous and respectful discussion here with very disparate POVS. Sometimes people get hung up on Johnny-one-note jokes, but it is your choice to participate or not.

And have you noticed that you can comment privately to whoever you wish and say whatever you want. (Don’t know whether that feature is available on iPhone, however.) Check your comments in 5 minutes.

Welcome aboard.

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I’ve learned a lot here too. I like that we can have mature discussions with a few laughs spirinkled in here and there. We have a great group of people here.

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I think it is a great place to see different thoughts and opinions. Makes for an interesting world. And I have learned a few things too! Love getting some new information. BTW – my son’s teacher is Chuck Norris’ nephew – shall I have him give a call to the man and ask him to join Fluther???

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Yes you should. He would love it.

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I will be talking to him this week about school stuff and I will mention it for fun. It will most likely give Mr. Norris (the teacher, that is) a good laugh and embarass my son to no end. Although I would have to explain what I am doing on Fluther in the first place! Talk about justifying how busy I am during the day! :-)

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Also get him to get Mr. T on if he can. O does anyone know how to hey a hold of McGyver? I want to ask him to join.

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