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What's wrong with the military having a crude and raunchy side?

Asked by josie (30934points) January 4th, 2011

They have their own system of justice.
They have their own music.
In the abstract, they kill for a living-which is unusual in itself.
Having been there, I can testify that it is nothing at all like life in the “real world”.
And I would hate to be called to task for some of the crazy (but legal) shit I did in the name of keeping my sanity.
So what is the problem with them having their own rude and crude sense of humor?

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I think the real offense was subjecting his subordinates to boring, self-absorbed and unfunny videos.

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Unwise use of company time.

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I’ll bet 50% thought it was funny and enjoyed it. 30% didn’t care one way or the other. 19% disliked it and 1% disliked it enough to complain.

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What’s wrong is that a high-ranking officer used humor that was sexist, anti-gay, and for all I know racist. I didn’t see the videotapes.

That sends the message that being sexist and anti-gay is OK.

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Next they will be banning Head Coaches from swearing in the locker room

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I give him credit for finding unique ways to try to remove stress from the difficult tasks of the men and women serving.
I would however look a bit deeper and ask “why is the content what it is?”
What is going on in his head and why?
It may be simple and it may be something darker. Eitherway, they have ways of reviewing this.
This is a military matter and not a civilian one anyway.

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And people wonder why rape and hazing is so prevalent in the military.

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It subliminally says that it’s ok to harass women or homosexuals. They are second class citizens (because that’s who we make funnies about). No need to give them “special” treatment. In fact, all the more reason to go overboard to make sure they aren’t given special treatment.

Bad enough coming from fellow sailors. Much, much worse coming from the Captain.

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Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and Actions Contrary to Good Order and Discipline. That’s more than sufficient.

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The answer I was looking for…

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I saw a brief thing on the news about this. The piece quoted some military handbook or something, which said that an officer has to represent the utmost in integrity. I don’t think that what this guy did sets any kind of good example for anyone.

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As @CaptainHarley says, what that man did was not legal within their own system.

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Humor is hard work. I struggle with it as a writer from time to time. It’s easy to use some group as the butt of a joke, “That is so gay!” or “She was so fat…” Sometimes I write something that later I regard as (unintentionally) racists, or at least subject to racist interpretation. And I want to say, “Aw, screw it, they’ll know what I meant.”

But I know that’s just being lazy. It’s better writing if it doesn’t depend on mean and trite stereotypes. It’s better because everyone can laugh, not just the people who look like you.

So, I guess no one should be surprised this came out of the Navy… a bunch of lazy ignorant assholes. (and @missAnthropope says I’m supposed to append a tilde here…~”

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