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How can I keep my lips from drying at night?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) January 5th, 2011

very other night or so my lips get chap, you know start to almost crack. And it really bothers my sleeping, how can I prevent it from getting like this? Chap Stick simply does not work! Please people give me something that actually works :/. I would greatly appreciate it.

What are all the best possible options? I am 19 and am a male.

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Hmm, I see you also asked about dry mouth. Are you, by chance, breathing through your mouth at night rather than breathing through your nose?

That would cause dry mouth and chapped lips.

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Yes but half the time it is impossible for me to breathe through my nose, just because, so I’m lookin for somethingg to use, but that was a beautiful observation, you are right.

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I have terrible allergies and as a result, often can only breathe through my mouth. My lips are chapped and cracked daily. I have been using Vermont’s Bag Balm and it seems to be working very well (someone here had recommended it for me for dry skin). It is like a Vaseline but I believe it’s medicated. I use it on my cuticles, and on my cat when he has dry skin and cuts. You can buy it on Amazon or at Walgreens.

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Those Breathe-right strips help me breathe through my nose a lot. Try those?

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@papayalily: do they really? I got a sample mailed to me and found them to be kinda annoying and didn’t work that well (although they were fun to take off). Maybe I was doing something wrong

Also, drink lots of water before bed and if you wake up in the middle of the night, keep water by your bedside.

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A vaporizor would help with both your problems too. It would moisten the air in the room so it wouldn’t dry you out as badly.

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I second Bag Balm. Or, you might want to try Aquaphor or Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Or, maybe good old Vaseline.

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@Samantha_Rae Once I positioned them right, yeah.

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Rosebud Salve is awesome but I don’t know if it would work well on really chapped lips, same with Vaseline. Aquaphor may be okay. I have tried all of these and found Bag Balm to work the best!
Also, there’s a new Neosporin product that is made especially for lips. I’m dying to try it.
Also, also, Burt’s Bees works well for me.

@papayalily: interesting. Maybe I’ll try to get another sample…

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Work on your breathing issues. See a doctor.

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I like Bert’s Bees stuff. I guess they have bees wax, which maybe stays on longer.

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Vaseline or a moisturing lipstick. Works like a charm.

You can get treatments specially for lips at night. Chanel used have a great one, and some other vendors too, not sure what is out there now. But, it is probably unnecessary. Pretty much anything moisturizing and protective on your lips will work.

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ahh thank you so much, great answers. a lot of you said that Bag Balm works good! So I might have to try that, and if that don’t work then I will probably try breath strips. thanks again!

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You can apply some moisturizing mask.
drink much water at day.

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Try extra strength Blistex before going to bed. I am 31 and female.

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Bag balm? That stuff is great! It was originally developed for dairymen to use on their cows’ milk sacks and udders to keep them from getting dry and cracking. I use it on my arms and hands, which get the most exposure to the sun and wind when I’m on long-distance motorcycle rides.

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