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Can I hand wash 100% rayon and just lay flat to dry?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) January 8th, 2011

The shirt tag says to dry clean for best results, but can I just gentle wash and lay flat?

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You would be taking a big chance. It could shrink a lot.

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I’ve done it many times, in cold water. I’ve never had an item shrink, but sometimes they come out super wrinkly, and ironing rayon is not advisable.

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Yes @augustlan very wrinkly too.
I once hand washed in cold water, a dress I had worn only once. It ended up at least two sizes smaller and a lot shorter. :-(
I have washed some 100% rayon shirts and not had them shrink, just get wrinkly.

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I won’t buy rayon for the above reasons any longer. I’ve had very bad luck with Rayon shrinking and wrinkling and I’m too thrifty to spend money on dry cleaning.

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Don’t do it. Wrinkle is right. 100% Rayon sucks.

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