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How long can an untreated concusion last?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4843points) January 8th, 2011

If someone gets a concussion and doesn’t get treatment for it how long can the symptoms last?

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I’m not sure how concussions are treated, but I’m no Doctor. All I know is I had a car accident and suffered a concussion, I was seeing signs even 6 months after the accident. But the first month was the worst. This was 15 months ago and I still have some short term memory issues that I didn’t have before.

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Symptoms depend on how severe a concussion it was. I have a friend who said his a couple of his symptoms lasted about a year. He was unconscious for about 1 hour. Rest is about the only treatment for concussions anyway.

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A concussion cannot be treated. I had obvious and prominent one for almost a solid month after a car accident where I hit my head on the ceiling of the car. They tell you for the first day or so to try not to go to sleep because you can have a bloodclot, but when you have a concussion, sleep is all you want to do.
I’d say try and stay awake for the first day, or as long as you can, and have someone check on you and wake you up several times the first time you sleep. After that, I wouldn’t worry about it, just let nature take its corse. There’s nothing else you can do but wait it out.

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I had a severe concussion and it took around 7 months to completely recover and stop having symptoms. I continued to experience dizziness when turning my head or looking up/down, especially when rolling over in bed. When I typed I couldn’t move my head to look from the computer screen to the source document. I had to just move my eyes. It was very unpleasant, but I eventually got over it.

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Make sure you see a doctor. You may need to have a cat scan done.

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The best way to treat is is not to get another concussion.

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There is no ‘cure’ for a concussion, but there are precautions you must take if you have one and suffering from symptoms. See a doctor or nurse practitioner soon to assess how bad it was and to get the information needed. The doctor is going to ask questions about loss of consciousness, vision problems during or since, headache or neck ache… etc. It’s best to get yourself checked out if know you’ve had one. In Norwegian they’re called ‘brain shake’ which is exactly what happens, so there’s no messing around when you’ve had one. Most complications from one are avoidable if you’re informed.

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