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Free chart/diagram PC programs?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) January 11th, 2011

Preferably with a desktop version so I don’t have to be net connected in class, but I’ll take online as well. Must be able to do venn diagrams (my favorite!).

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not too sure about the venn diagramming as its probably somewhat tricky with all the positioning + points of intersection (especially if numerically-based/modelled + not purely visual). i havent seen many programs that do that be it diagramming ones or even illustration software. if anything i would aver that a good bet might be mathematica (see

outside of that it could be faked in illustrator or any other vector-based ware fairly well with the benefit of advanced styling + all.

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Venn diagrams look like Boolean math. Mostly simple overlaps, usually circles.
You can do that stuff in microsoft word—or if it has to be totally free, Open Office.

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see OpenOffice workpage here

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you can draw simple circles in numerous programs (ppt, excel, word, etc); however, there is the question of accuracy vs mere representation which lies at the heart of the matter.

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