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Would it make you a wreck if your tv were on 8am to 10pm in the next room?

Asked by Aster (19062points) January 12th, 2011

I am going crazy now. How would you deal with the noise from commercials and the gunshots for all those hours?

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my daughter’s father used to play the tv 24/7, left it on when he was sleeping. i could not stand it.

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My TV is almost never on. I find it really irritating and distracting when it is. Obviously not when I’m watching it, but, if I’m not watching it drives me nuts. We hardly use our TV, fortunately.

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Some people “need” the background noise but I don’t know why. What about soft music? I’d like that.

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No. I am good at tuning out things. I know someone who leaves the TV on so she doesn’t feel like she is alone in the house. <shrug>

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I’m not good with a constant stream of noise, not even my own music playlists so yes, this would unnerve me to the point of growling at someone.

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Cannot stand the TV. Kill it, its brainwashing you.

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my upstairs neighbor is an older man who hangs out at home, “jams” , listens to regular tv/movies on his surround sound until early hours of morning and also vacums at random times of night. .... His tv is right above my bedroom, sometimes it really bothers me and sometimes I don’t even notice. he’s a great guy though, I like him alot so its hard to be upset with him ya know.

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I don’t even hear it unless it’s loud, stupid sports announcers. Music on a radio bothers me.

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