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Do all commercial planes have windows?

Asked by SJA813 (143points) January 14th, 2011

Are there any exceptions or other scenarios as to why there would not be windows?

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If the buyer did not want windows, but I don’t know why that would be the case.

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Well there isn’t a bad point in having a window. You could enjoy the view..Windows could be a hindrance if you want to sleep during the day… It could also be a bad annoyance to old people as their eyes can get irritated.. Other than that I do not see any reason for no windows.

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Are there any regulation on windows? For airlines? I am somewhat under the impression it is mandatory, but I’m not sure.

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Yes there are certain regulations. The Window should be strong enough to withstand any atmospheric pressure that will affect the plane. It should be the type of glass that is like a cooling glass and provides a light shade. Its borders should be tight and very secure.

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@Prark Sorry I mean to be more specific if windows them self are mandatory to be on commercial planes, planes that every day people would board. Excluding privately own planes and the like.

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There do not seem to be regulations requiring windows just laying out standards for windows and windshields if they are used.

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There will certainly be a requirement for a window on any escape hatch, because a potential escaper would have to be able to look out to see if it was safe to open the hatch: to see that there is no fire outside, for example.

Since there will be windows at those locations, and since carriers know that humans won’t willingly pay money to board a plane where only select people have any view at all, no one is going to order a plane configured like a cargo plane to carry passengers, whether it’s ‘legal’ or not. The money that they ‘save’ would be wasted as the plane has no business.

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What do you mean by “commercial planes”?

FedEx and UPS both operate aircraft for commercial purposes that do not have windows along the main body… since they simply transport cargo, not passengers.

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@Prark: What gave you the bizarre idea that old people can irritate their eyes by looking out a window? The more light, the happier most people are. See Seasonal Affect Disorder; SAD

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I am assuming you mean commercial passenger airplanes. I doubt passengers would choose to ride in an airplane that doesn’t have windows.

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I’d be fine with no windows.

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