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HELP!!! I have one day to decide, what game should I get, Medal of Honor (2010), or Battlefield Bad Company 2?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) January 14th, 2011

I only have one day to decide because Gamestop’s trade in credit sale ends on the 16th, I want to hear some opinions, I know about the download fixes on medal of honor, and then there’s that new DLC for BFBC2. ARGH!!! Need help…

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I have Medal of Honor. My husband liked it.
That’s all I’ve got.
He played it at age 37…

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Bad Company 2, by far.

The gameplay in MoH is extremely repetitive, the weapons are unsatisfying to use, the story is realistic, but not particularly exciting, and it doesn’t have much replay value.

Bad Company 2, especially online multiplayer mode, is hardly realistic, but very fun and has nearly infinite replay value. The maps are cool, the guns are varied, the gameplay and controls are tight, and you can drive all kinds of vehicles.

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i haven’t played either, but I’ve played Call of Duty: Black Ops and loved it. I want to get my hands on MOH really bad.

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I only played Bad Company 2 outta your choices, (Unless you count older Medal of Honor titles.) but this stuff ain’t my kind of game. Still, it’s pretty cool and people online seem to have a blast with it. I like Black Ops better, but it has zombies so that’s why haha.
So just saying, I don’t know about Medal, but you won’t be making a bad choice with Company, it’s solid shit. Still, I guess that depends on whether you like to go solo or jump online with peeps?

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Multiplayer is my choice of mode. I already beat Medal of honor, but when I got the game, it didn’t have all the updates. I beat BFBC2, I only traded it in because I switched my gaming consoles.

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I have medal of honor for the PC and I love it! Especially the single player campaign. The multiplayer is a little repetitive… Not many guns/options… I recommend you get it for the PC… It’s pretty cheap these days since the time when it launched for $60.

I also have BFBC2, but for the PS3. It pretty good too… More weapon options, vehicles, multiplayer is more extensive, single player is also OK.

If I were to choose, I would get Medal of Honor simply because its set in the Afghanistan war which I can relate very much to. The setting in the Panjsheer valley, the Shahikot mountains, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kandahar… etc. It just shows you what war is all about.. I sort of have an emotional connection to the current situation in Afghanistan which is why I would choose Medal of Honor…

Hope this helped.

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BTW, I’d also recommend Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Black ops… Although Black ops is OK. Not the best. But the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 is awesome! ;-)

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BC2 scored better with metacritic (With an 87, compared to a 72). That’s about the most objective way I can say “BC2 is better.”
MoH was released and seemed to fade away. People are still playing and talking about BC2, but I haven’t heard anyone brag to me about something cool he did in MoH.
DICE makes good games, and they have a highly dedicated following. People are still playing BF1942, and BF2, and BF2142. In massive numbers. BC2 will be around for quite a while.
MoH on the other hand, is the eleventh in their series. It’s the kind of series I feel like they just churn out game after game and don’t care much for what happens to the previous.

I’d go with Bad company 2 for sure. I’m upset I missed out on it when it was on sale for $7 on Steam.

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