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How come console gamers tend to look down on PC gamers?

Asked by bestbroseph (335points) July 6th, 2015

in the end, PC gamers get all the same content, can get a higher graphics quality, and pay less gratuities. Are consol gamers just sore losers? Or do they really believe they’re on top.

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And why do both hate women?

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Maybe because more and more games are being developed for consoles and PC games are merely their posts, which look awkward on the PC?

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I believe that @johnpowell is referring to misogynic attacks against female gamers and game developers: Gamergate.

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No general statement will apply to everyone.

Some players have both and prefer the console for some things and the PC for others.

Some are kids and/or ranting clueless attention-seekers.

It seems to me that most often the console gamers claiming superiority are insecurely counter-reacting to the idea their consoles might be inferior, as some PC gamers sometimes remark.

It’s also a delayed mirroring of the bizarre decision by M$ to undermine their own gaming platform (Windohs) to try to push their X-Box product, and the obedience of the other game outlets in embracing console games rather than PCs, which occurred fairly artificially when the first X-Box was being marketed. That peculiar event brought with it some snobbery and herd-think language where consoles were supposed to be the cool way to play games now (circa 2000), and retail stores which now mainly sell console games still sometimes talk like that. But retail stores and many gaming journalists tend to parrot whatever their told to say, and a lot of that is driven by corporate marketing and the wish to have a standard platform to write to, and more control over who gets to publish what game for what platform, copy protection, less customer support to deal with, etc.

PC’s don’t get exactly the same content, as the console industry and some game companies still make some games exclusively for a console, sometimes not for PC, and sometimes screwed up when ported to PC (e.g. Dark Souls I). However there are also still even more games for computers than there are for consoles, and they tend to be different kinds of games. Even with the same titles, the different interface can make the experience quite a bit different. In first-person games, especially those where speed and precision is wanted (e.g. first-person shooters, where keyboard and mouse is far more precise than game controller, so the game has to help console gamers aim). There are of course also ports to PC that offer far more than the console version (e.g. Skyrim) and many games on PC that wouldn’t even work on a console unless you added a keyboard and/or mouse and/or high-res display (e.g. practically all strategy games or games that include typing), and games from indie developers, mods etc.

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Because they are filthy console peasants, jealous of the glorious PC-Gaming Master Race.

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@zaku, actually same content- behold the glorious emulator. But yes I see what you mean. In the end though, consoles are just PCs that run their own OS. But the main advantage for PC is the much finer detail you can achieve.

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Yeah, everyone has their own preferences. Personally, I think the most compelling thing about consoles is the standardized platform and therefore reduced rate of tech problems and automatic installation.

I agree that you can get better visual detail and so on with a PC, but in my case the reasons I don’t play on consoles are that I don’t like modern console game controllers, and I tend to prefer games which only really work (or are made) for PC’s, and I tend to not like the design choices of most console games (the focus on constant action, railroading, and typical reduced levels of intelligence, sophistication, gameworld realism/consistency/sense-making and/or detail). I prefer creative independent designs, deep strategy and simulation games, mods, etc.

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