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What will happen if I use an indoor basketball outside, on concrete?

Asked by sferik (6106points) January 26th, 2010

I just got an official NBA game ball. On the box it came in it says, “use for indoor play only.”

I’m wondering what will happen to the ball if I use it outside. It’s made of leather, so I obviously wouldn’t play on a wet court. Is there a risk of damaging the ball if I play on concrete instead of hardwood? Or will it just go flat faster?

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I’ve done it before, the ball gets all scratched and loses the nice smooth feeling. I still use the ball, it’s just not as nice anymore. If you’re never gonna use it indoors there really isn’t any point to save it.

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Once u use it outside, it becomes an outside ball. It gets scuffed up pretty well especially if ur running teams with it and scrimmaging. For just shooting here and there, it wont get scuffed up as much, but you will still see the wear and tear after a while

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I used to have a leather ball I used for outdoor play. It scuffed up really well and was a real joy to play with, but you have to be ok with having a ball with the “distressed” look and it may not be as tacky to handle. They make leather basketballs that are made to withstand outdoor surfaces if you’d like for it to remain more or less pristine.

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It will explode and you will die.
Don’t do it!

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I Have a leather ball and i saw this on google.. but my friends say that i can use my ball to a rocky basketball court but they said it will be white and the ball is ugly looking. my ball is Spalding Nike and i will never use my ball into an outside court

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