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How do I open a .sit file on Mac OS X?

Asked by shrubbery (10326points) January 16th, 2011

I downloaded a program, and to run it without the CD I need to somehow use a file that came with the download, but I have no idea how to open the file and apply it to the program. It’s a .app.sit file and when I double click on it it opens in text edit and is just a bunch of gobbledigook, funny characters and stuff.

Anyone know what I’m talking about or what I need to do? Sorry for the vagueness, I’m really not very tech savvy.

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.sit is less compressed than a .sitx. .sit is pretty much the mac version of .rar or .zip

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You can do it with The Unarchiver. It’s free with no hassles and does the job. Stuffit, the free version is supposedly “free” but they want your credit card info even to get the free version and that’s kind of messed up.

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Thanks guys, I downloaded stuffit without adding any credit card info, so I used that and it turned it into just .app so I can open it buuuuut… it still doesn’t work with the program I downloaded. It says it cannot find the required resource and to reinstall the original program. I did that, but then the same thing came up when I opened the .app file. So the actual program still won’t open without a CD. Any ideas?

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@shrubbery Any ideas???? Really, try The Unarchiver. Did you even try it, darling????? I downloaded it today because I had some .sit files I needed to open. It worked; that’s all I can say. Right now I have a Mac mini running OS 10.6.6. and The Unarchiver worked fine. I haven’t used Stuffit for a while. How did you get it downloaded? I am usually so good about that kind of thing and I couldn’t see how to get around their nonsense.

Here, you can download if from Apple’s website if that makes you feel better.

The Unarchiver

You’re trying to open a .sit file right?

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I just tried Unarchiver. It did exactly the same thing as Stuffit except that nothing happens when I double click on it, whereas I actually get the message saying it cannot find the required resource after I double click on the one I got out of Stuffit.

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Did you try right clicking on the .sit file and the “open with” option? That’s how I always do it. It worked fine for me. What is the exact name of the file you are trying to extract? File name and extension… I want it all, don’t hold anything back. :-)

Edit: And are you sure it did nothing? Did you reload the directory in the finder? It’s somewhere, maybe. Did you get an error message with the Unarchiver or did it just seem like nothing happened? I do that all the time and then find that I’ve got like five copies of a file because I thought nothing had happened. :-)

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@lillycoyote I just PMed you.

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@shrubbery That kind of defeats the purpose of private messaging someone. Now we all know.

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@XOIIO But you don’t know the deep dark private secrets that @shrubbery revealed to me in her “private message” and I will never, ever, ever, tell. :-)

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Nothing uses .sit anymore. It was a Pre OS X thing. It is possible what you are trying to download is a Classic app and those are no longer supported in OS X 10.4 and above.

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Okay I finally got everything to work with a combination of Stuffit and Pseudo. Thanks so much for your help guys.

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