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Where is your most sensitive part of your body?

Asked by choreplay (6297points) January 19th, 2011

Where is your most sensitive part of your body that destroys any resistance? It has to be the most sensitive place otherwise don’t play.

Use the scale below to rate how bad your resistance is broken down.

Select one of the following to finish this sentence:

If you stroke, rub, or titillate my ________,
1) my resistance is always good.
2) feels so nice, makes me want more
3) paralyzes me while it is happening
4) I’m screwed

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18 Answers

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Just to the left or right of my pelvic bone, where my thigh and pelvic bone meet.


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What number is that?

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Went to edit.

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3.Small of my back

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4 my lips

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If you stroke, rub or titilate my chest, (4), I’m screwed.

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My bell end! 2 hopefully soon to be followed by 4 whay hay XD

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The backs of my knees and just behind my ears, 2–4.

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1 – nowhere probably!
2— neck
3 – ear
4 – feet!

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the nape of my neck, it 2s me

downtide's avatar

Soles of my feet and
5) You’re screwed

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What @Simone_De_Beauvoir said.

Also, “sides” and

6) I’ll kick you in your face.

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Testicles! :-/

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My neck, just below my ears.

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My ass, just where the curve meets the back of my thigh. 2 to 4, depending on other factors.

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When I get sacked it parilyzes me.

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Oh it has to be my feet 6+++++
Sooooooooooooooo ticklish

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