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What do you do when you're an x-box live widow?

Asked by LunaFemme (1090points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t think I’ve spent any quality time with my spousal unit since before the release of that new Rainbow Vegas game thingie. Should I continue to allow his obsession or is it time to get creative for his attention?

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Rock something like this, and you should get his attention!

Maybe you could theme it around his “Rainbow Vegas” game!

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Stand in front of him in some seductive frillies and see if he can resist. If he can, well unplug his butt and make him understand you miss him. I play from time to time, especially when I get a new game, but I never ignore my wife. We do separate things sometimes, but our time is our time. Show him just how much better a living breathing woman is than a sweaty controller and 13 year old kids kicking his bum online.

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@bulb – is that how your little jellyfish came to be? {{giggles}}

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uhhhh you are not alone! My boyfriend is the same way except with madden on playstation 3. I just join the fun and he’s taught me how to play too. And get him to buy fun games like, rockband. If you don’t want to do that then, let him know you miss him!

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Yeah, I guess I’m blessed with an awesome wife!

The couple that plays together, stays together!

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haha I like that. I’ve heard “prays together”... But not “plays together”

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You could do the same as a world-of-Warcraft widow (and that would be me) which is to use the opportunity for all the me-time you want, but put your foot down when you need him off his xbox, ie tell him in advance that today/tonight there will be no xbox because he’s spending time with you. I’m sure he’s well aware that he spends too much time on it and will understand when you ask for his time.

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ha ha ha!!!!!!! I just fell asleep infront of watching my husband play some star wars game for like third week in a row LOL I feel your pain girl. The worst is that he takes over the livingroom tv and i can’t watch my programs

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I’ll play games then set aside some time to go do something with my gf.

Videogames ruin relationships

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Thankfully we have a DVR so I don’t miss my fave shows. He knows better than to attempt to monopolize the TV on Tues during AI {{giggles}}

I’ve texted him pics of my breast, that got his attention!!!

I guess I can’t complain too much, he just came downstairs & rolled his eyes saying, “Are you on that Fluther site again?” {{giggles}}

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you know what you should do? Take his credit card and go on a shopping spree !!

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@haight – ohhh good idea!!!!

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Buy him a special, gaming joystick you both can enjoy.

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….with his credit card.

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I’ve actually already gotten him fun controllers before. But stupid me, I paid for it. {{giggles}}

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