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Where, geographically, is Fluther HQ?

Asked by Nullo (21973points) January 19th, 2011

I’m going to the Bay Area for a few days, and if I can manage it, I’d like to drop in. For that, I’d need an actual, physical address.
Right now, all I know is that it is in San Francisco.

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Well, it used to be there. But now, there really isn’t one. Unless you count my home office in West Virginia.

*Edit: I think.

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@augustlan Darn. This wasn’t from the Twitter thing, was it?

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@Nullo Yeah. All the people who worked at Fluther HQ now work for Twitter, at their HQ (which is also in San Fran). I’m the only employee who didn’t work there, and doesn’t now work for Twitter.

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@augustlan Huh? What about Lisa?

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@YARNLADY That would be me. :)

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@augustlan embarrassed grin

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The Fluther servers are in Saint Louis in Missouri, from what I can tell.

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I say we all storm @augustlan‘s house and ask for guacamole. ~
If you are coming from the south bring avocados.

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@Dog Sounds like a great plan!

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I’m up for that. :)

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Ooh! I just bought more avocados today! I make a killer homemade guacamole.

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I am not coming unless there is home made peanut butter cookies with chilled chocolate milk…....if there is a billiard table or a mean Scrabble tournament I might be persuaded.

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