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Do I need to get vaccinated before travelling to Mexico?

Asked by jesslc323 (117points) January 20th, 2011

I’m going to Los Cabos and was curious as to if I should be getting vaccinated…

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Well, it is always recommended to have your tetanus up to date no matter where you go, even if you stay home. And, in Mexico if you have never been vaccinated for Hep A you might consider it, but I think hep A is a series, so if you are going in two weeks you might not bother. I recommend getting a titer for tetanus before getting another vaccine to see if you even need it. I had two tetanus shots close together and had some weird side effects that I am not clear if it was caused by the vaccine or not?

I have never had a problem in Mexico. I actually have not been vaccinated for Hep A, but I am not recommending either way whether to get the shot or not. Cancun has water safe to drink by the way at the hotels on the beach, possibly Cabo does also? The water would be possible tummy illness due to bacteria or parasite, not hepatitis.

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Here is the CDC site regarding vaccines.

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You should go to an immunization center for anti-malaria meds and have MMR immunization. Also may need tetanus booster. Anti-diarrhea meds. ^^^^ and what @JLeslie said.

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@jesslc323 If you are concerned about stomach upset, just stick to cooked foods, no ice, and bottled drinks. But, I eat everything in Mexico. I have been to Cancun many times and Mexico city. I only know one person who got sick in Mexico, but she was there constantly, worked the cruise ships, and got sick once, this is going back 20 years ago. If you get diarhea assume it is Montezumas revenge and take the Cipro, you can buy it without a script down there. Check to be sure of the proper dose. I would not premedicate yourself before getting down there. Cabo is made for international tourists, I would be pretty sure their sanitary standards are good. My sister got campylobacter in France. People get sick in America too.

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We just came back from Mayan Riviera area. We used bottled water- very cheap, ate whatever we liked, no pre injections for any of us. I would take some insect spray or buy some when you’re there.

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