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What will be your comment on this black ice?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) January 20th, 2011

You are about to crest the top of a hill in a residential area. Most of the interstate is clear of ice and snow, so you figure that the side streets must be also clear, right? Not ! As you approach the top of the hill and start to head down, you suddenly hit a sheet of black ice and begin to spin around and around and around. You look over at your s/o and yell….....................????

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Brace for impact.

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“Oh shit!!!”

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stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stoP, stOP, sTOP, STOP, STOP, STOP!!!! stopl, please, o God, please stop.

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No problem, honey, I got it under control (whether I actually did or not-no sense in creating low morale).

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Crikey, WTFs goin on ere? Im all hectic sideways and shit.

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Seems like @Seelix and @charliecompany34 have been in my car. :D

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I asked this question for a reason. i was answering an auto crash, involving a big yellow school bus. the road was pure ice. i could only manuever my police car to a stop, on a hill. as i was walking to the crash, someone yelled “hey officer, look at your police car”. it was in park and the emergency brakes were applied…........but, that did not matter. my police car was slowly sliding backwards on the black ice and into a ditch. i was mad, but relieved that no one was injured. black ice can be treacherous.

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Yeah iv hit it on a corner at night at 120kms an hr. Lucky i had good tyres and was in four wheel drive. Not a pleasant experience, i was lucky to pull out of it.

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“Oh fucks…..”

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Been there, done that. I just try to let it slide and look for a place to ditch.

In order of best to worst case:
Take your foot off the brake and hope your steering will let you go off the road into a ditch.
Take your foot off the brakes and aim for the guard rail. Let the friction of the rail slow you down.
Hit another car going in the same direction.

Worst case is to hit an immovable object or another car head on.
You want the sound of impact to be a sickening, slow motion crunch.

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Holy monkeyballs!

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I would be much more inclined to make the opposite mistake: If the side streets are clear, then I’ll assume the interstate must be. But side streets in New England are often covered with snow and ice for months at a time when the interstates are generally “dry pavement” within a full day after a snowfall.

Fortunately, my worst out-of-control moment on slick pavement came when I was fooling around once as a kid on a ride in the country and ending up sliding backwards at 30 mph for about a hundred yards or so into a snowbank. (Not that I haven’t had various accidents at much lower speeds and for other reasons, but I’ve never otherwise been ‘that much’ out of control before.)

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now what !

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