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Can I file my 2007 taxes if I don't have my 2006 tax return information?

Asked by Curious404 (1021points) April 12th, 2008

I lost the paperwork from the previous years I have filed. I do not speak with the person that filed my taxes for the previous years to request this information.

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Yep. Not only can you, you have to!

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yes. You don’t necessarily need the info from prior years for the current year. You can always request copies of your past returns from the IRS if you do need the info. Be sure to either file your return or for an extension by Tuesday.

Also, it’s fairly easy to amend a return if you need to.

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Good advice so far. The other thing to consider would be if you itemized in 2006 and received a state income tax refund for your state 2006 return then that refund has to be shown on your 2007 as income. If you took the standard deduction in 2006, then this does not apply.


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