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Is blowing your nose when sick pointless?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) January 30th, 2011

What I mean is, does it to anything other than temporarily clear up your nose? because if that’s all it really does while you are sick, clear up your nasal passages, then i might as well keep them clogged rather then blowing them every 10 minutes!!

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It snot.

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Oooh, silly penguin!

My doctor once told me that clearing out the phlegm helps to minimize the chances of a secondary bacterial infection, because the little germies just love the warm, moist aspect of your snot. A nasal saline spray also helps me.

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It’s better to get it out than have it run down the back of your throat, irritating the throat as it does so, and then upsetting your stomach (if it goes to your stomach) or settling in your lungs (which could irritate your lungs leading to coughing and possibly an infection in your lungs if you can’t get it out of your lungs).

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Blowing your nose keeps all that bacteria from sitting in your sinuses and rotting, adding to the infection.

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it will also make you feel more comfortable all around. If it gets backed up you are also more likely to get a sinus headache.

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If you don’t you will feel humorous, melancholy, bilious, choleric and phlegmatic

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Will definitely get a sinus problem I agree with @zenvelo here. I tell my boy to blow his nose when he’s got a cold. This is such a great question, cause it DOES seem pointless sometimes. I would really recommend washing your nose with this special silly looking thing called a Neti-pot. Check out this Neti-pot video, it’s hilarious. I wanted to add a link, a serious link, on how to use this thing but I found this mad video on youtubem and just had to post it. Man, the Internet is a crazy place. ;-))

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If you don’t want to just keep blowing your nose, you might be able to get some relief with a neti pot. You can read about the neti pot on this WebMd page

If you want to see a demonstration of how to use a neti pot watch this youtube video it’s right after the ad. It looks kind of disgusting, but it can be very helpful to remove mucous and bacteria from your nasal passages.

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You could take echinaccea. It dries up mucus and limits the need to blow your nose.

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@amandaray that vid was sooo funny, I just shared it on facebook….

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If you have narrow eustacean tubes, use of the Neti pot will cause major discomfort followed by a sinus headache.

How do you know about your eustacean tubes? Try the Neti pot and feel the pain.

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@gailcalled I feel your pain; don’t need to feel my own.

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…blowing your nose when sick pointless?

That green slimy goo dripping down your face and dripping off your chin is soooo attractive.
Works though with the disheveled hairdo jammies and fuzzy slippers.
Makes the complete package…

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paging Dr. Welby, Dr. Mucus Welby, MD…

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