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How much do you really like ketchup?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26839points) January 31st, 2011

Ketchup seems to be one of those things that everyone has an opinion about.
I, personally, am not a big fan. I’m more of a mustard kind of person. However, I know lots of people that would probably eat ketchup by the spoonful if no one was looking.
Will you only eat it on certain foods? Will you eat it on anything? How do you really feel about ketchup?

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I don’t think I could eat it by the spoonful (it’s not one of those condiments I’m going to lick off the plate) but I do enjoy it. I’ll eat it on eggs, potatoes, fries, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, steak (sometimes) ... grilled cheese!!!! Yes, such a good call. I’m curious for more ideas. I try not to eat it too much because of the sugar (I’ve replaced it with salsa and hot sauce and mustard)

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I enjoy it more when it’s home made. In fact, I still have some wild fruit I was going to make some out of in my freezer.

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I don’t like ketchup. Too sweet.

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I like it with fries. Other than that, I don’t use it.

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I also prefer mustard, but I do like ketchup on French fries and sometimes it tastes good on burgers when it’s mixed with mustard and pickle relish (secret sauce). A little ketchup tastes good on onion rings too, but I rarely eat fries or rings.

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It’s okay, but it doesn’t compare to hot sauce. And mustard… blech!

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Ketchup on fries, on KD, on eggs, on homefries, on breakfast (sliced) potatoes.

Canucks love their ketchup.

I prefer Frank’s hot sauce, though.

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@Jude what’s “KD”?

Frank’s I would eat on anything.

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Kraft dinner.

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@Jude what is that? Like mac n cheese?

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I have it rarely, but I carry a supply of those free fast food packages in case I need a quick snack for my diabetes.

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Not a big fan of ketchup. I use it in some sauces and that’s about it.

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It’s alright.I could easily break up with it and switch to BBQ sauce. ;)

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It’s not my favorite vegetable…

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I’m terrified of it by itself. On a hamburger (I typed humbarger first lolololololol), hot dog, or french fries, I embrace it. Otherwise keep it away! And the smell, oh god the smell. :(

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Meatloaf and brisket… forgot the importance of ketchup in those recipes!

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I like ketchup on fries, absolutely, burgers and hot dogs along with the other stuff I put burgers and dogs, it needs to be in the mix on the rare occasions I have those things. When I do, it’s pretty much a must have, except for the dogs where I might have mustard and kraut, no ketchup. I do sometimes put it in, but not on, a meatloaf when I make one. Otherwise, I can do without the stuff. I do like “tomatoness” on my mac and cheese and on my eggs and home fries, like @Jude but I can’t do ketchup. Stewed tomatoes with mac and cheese, and on the eggs and home fries it has to be either salsa or hot sauce.

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burgers and fries only. Seeing people put it on other things gives me the willies. Pardon me, would you have any grey poupon?

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I’m not really a big fan of ketchup. Only a little on a burger, but mixed with a little mayo as well. However I will not eat it on meatloaf. Go figure. I’m a picky eater.

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I like it enough to have with classic fries, and maybe in a burger. It makes or breaks western meals. But I don’t use it in anything else. And, when it comes to fries, to be honest I’d much rather have chicken salt.

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I don’t like it at all. I’d rather have mayo on my fries.

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I like it, but not nearly as much as I did when I was younger. The only “weird” thing I eat it on is a bologna sandwich.

@deni That is exactly how I feel about mustard. The smell is revolting.

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These days, with so many better choices available to me, simply eating bologna would seem ‘weird’.

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I’m with @Jude – gotta have ketchup on the KD! And you gotta call it KD – otherwise it’s not Canadian, eh?
Aside from that, I put ketchup on the regular things – hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, scrambled eggs… and I hate mustard!

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I still don’t even understand what KD is. :\

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Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is called Kraft Dinner in Canada :)

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I don’t hate it but wouldn’t choose it over brown sauce. I also love mustard!

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