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Hi everyone,can you recommend some p2p software to find the BitTorrent ?

Asked by leonpak (60points) February 1st, 2011

can you recommend some p2p software to find the BitTorrent ?or some p2p website,like the emule software.I want to download some study material and video.

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I don’t use p2p anymore, but when I did I used BitLord.

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utorrent is the standard software for bit torrent.

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I use Vuze/Azureus.

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Another vote for utorrent

Tobotron's avatar and I use transmission but that’s not available for windows otherwise utorrent yeh!!

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Definitly go for utorrent. The only thing that it lacks compared to other torrent programs is a history function, but I made a proggy to fix that. I can pm the link to you if you want

Another reason is that using cheatengine you can boost the DL spped amazingly. I actually got up to 40MB/s on one torrent, and the total download time correlated that!

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