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Does a specific scent bring back memories?

Asked by babygalll (2768points) April 13th, 2008

Does smelling a specific scent bring back memories for you? Is it good or bad? Would you rather not be reminding of the scent?

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I’m in Cali now but when it’s warm and it rains it reminds me of summers in Tennessee where it would just unexpectedly pour and two minutes later everything would be dry again.

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yes! That happens to me a lot. They’re mostly good memories.

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the smell of babypowder always reminds me of my first experience changing a diaper… i was babysitting my little cousin… haha…something i would rather not like to be reminded of!

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Ya its wierd for me because scents don’t remind me of memories, they remind me of songs or bands that I was listening to while I was smelling the scent! Haha

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From my understanding, order triggers the most vivid memories. I won’t try to go too deep because I’ll prob get something wrong, but it’s physically linked.

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Chanel “Coco” reminds me of my granny.

Stogies always remind of my grandfather.

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I’ll love the smell of cherry tabacco for pipes. It reminds me of my dad everytime & that idol worship period when I was daddy’s little girl.

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Livestock trucks carring pigs, cattle, etc. reminds me of working on my dad’s farm as a kid. dung everywhere.

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I love to get the same scents my mom burns in house so that I will remind me of her when I miss her.
But I also dislike smells that remind me of bad times, and I’ve noticed that certian smells can trigger feelings from past years.
sometimes good and bad.

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short answer. Yes :(

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the other day, the snow was melting and the smell reminded me of my best friend from elementary school when we would go outside and play. but he moved to california, and there have been no more playdates :(. also, i had a dream about him last night, and the same smell was there.

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Spargett is right; scents tend to trigger strong memories, because the part of the brain that processes smell (the olfactory cortex) is connected pretty directly to parts of the brain that deal with memory and emotion.

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Certain perfume reminds me of an x. It makes me kinda sad for about a second or two.

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the smell of oil and gas reminds me of my grandpa who was a mechanic makes me sad but at same time happy to have the time I did with him.

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Yellow rose oil. Gah. It reminds me of this crazy asshole I used to date. I cannot stand that smell.

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Certain scents always strike a chord in my heart.

The smell of salt water always reminds me of summer, which is of course a good thing. Old bananas remind me of my great granny, her house always smelled like bananas, and my best friends scent is so comforting, i love when he leaves something at my house that smells like him or he cuddles with me, very good memories. But i also associate some scents with bad things like beer reminds me of my dead beat father and how if i slip up i will become just like him and things of that nature.

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the smell of orange blossoms. It reminds of back home.

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The smell of old VW interior evokes a feeling of the beach, or going to the beach.

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the smell of burnt toast… reminds me that I left bread in the toaster too long! ACK!!!

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