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Do you have an Amex card? How do you like it?

Asked by andrew (16358points) April 13th, 2008

I’m considering switching from my Citicard to an American Express. I have a Visa, so I’m not worried about Amex not being accepted.

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I’ve had a BofA AmEx for about three years and I don’t really like it. I tried to redeem my reward points several times about 1.5 years ago, and I still haven’t gotten anything. I don’t know if that’s an AmEx or a BofA problem. The only reason I keep the AmEx is because it’s good for shopping at Costco (AmEx is the only credit card they accept) and Neiman Marcus (they only accept AmEx or the NM card… I only go there to buy one brand of lotion).

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Amex rocks. (I’ll relate my experience with the Platinum Small Business and personal Gold cards…also, don’t think these cards are special or hard to get, hell, they gave them to me!)

The best thing is their customer service. Their phone support simply blows away any other experience I’ve had with other cards or banks. You also get a total spending summary at the end of the year, organized by category (nice for taxes). They were also the first card to offer insurance coverage to car rentals (just decline the rental company’s.

Keep in mind the traditional Amex cards are charge cards, you’re supposed to pay them in full each month (though they do offer finacing/extended pay on the biz cards.

If you pay quarterly taxes, you can also pay with your Amex and get tons of points (assuming you’ve signed up to one of their point programs)

Overall, the Amex card is great if you expense a lot for your work and get reimbursed—you just loop everything through the card to get points.

(btw, I would look very carefully at the other, newer products they offer—like the clear/blue card. Word from an Amex employee is that they are not a good value)

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AMEX is a great card particularly if you travel considering all the added travel insurance coverage and travel agency services they provide at no additional cost. Plus you’ll be eligible to purchase preferred seating to concerts and events. I’ve never had a problem redeeming my Reward points and have attended many concerts at no cost thanks to those points. The Finance charges are very high however, so only use the card when you know you’ll be able to pay the bill in full every month. PS: if you dispute a charge, AMEX customer service really goes to bat for you. They pressure merchants to ship or exchange products or improve their services or risk losing the capability of accepting the AMEX card.

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I currently have an InNYC Amex and a JetBlue Amex. I love them both, and the rewards are great.

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