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How many GB of music do you have?

Asked by everephebe (11591points) February 7th, 2011

How much digital music do you have? Do you know the amount in gigabytes (GB) ? Or how many hours/days of music do you have?

How much do you listen to?

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I have no idea if that is considered a lot.
I listen too it 7 hours a day.

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It’s been a while since I’ve checked this. Apparently I now have 48.7 GB of audio on my hard drive. 19.5 GB of it is audio books. The rest is all music.

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Right now 31 GB (excluding the audiobooks). Too much free space on the new ipod – not enough time to find new music at the time… but maybe during a break soon!

I listen to music 40% of the day. Check my “Phoebusdoc” :)

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23.11 GB of songs and music, 5206 items, 14.5 days.

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5.5 GB

That doesn’t include classical. If that included all the classical music I have, it would be…off the charts. I have 100s of CDs of classical music. Way too much to copy onto my computer (and I Iike CDs, so meh).

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Brace yourself for this answer: zero.

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35.56 GB and expanding. I lost quite a bit when my last laptop crashed, but I have since then recovered an interesting enough collection.

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79 gigs… I luv music! Lol

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About 53 gigs<3 :)

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24gb, although this amount is shared between me and my partner, and some of his stuff I really can’t stand. It would be down by about a third if I took that out.

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55gbs in my itunes library, plus another couple gigs of unsorted music rolling around in my hard drive. My collection runs the gambit of styles and genres, most prominently a big selection of soundtrack. I think the only thing I really don’t listen to is country. I usually listen to a couple of bands at a time; I tend to forget about artists I really love for a couple of weeks before triumphantly rediscovering them.

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My tastes are “small c” catholic, I have to say. All genres but CCM and muzak.

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1329 songs, 3.5 days, 8.46 GB

When I start searching for new stuff, those numbers go way up (I follow several music blogs so will download everything I can) but I make it point to have under 10 gigs when I start pruning. My musical tastes run from some serious backwoods, twangy country (although not the new stuff, 1900s Appalachian stuff) all the way to crazy, dance techno, but I don’t like hoarding music. I like to know who and what is in my collection rather than namelessness.

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74 gbs. 10,000 songs. Most 320, all with artwork and correct tags. I’m a bit of a nazi about my music library.

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I just got my Ipod so I have 0.32 GB and a little more.

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My iTunes screen says I currently have 6.60 GB of songs. That amounts to 895 songs with a total time duration of 2.3 days – also according to the iTunes screen. I listen to all of it basically because I usually either play the entire volume of music from A to Z or I shuffle it. I listen to various playlists now and again but not very often.

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Roughly 25 gigs of music, 5327 songs (not counting non musical material). According to itunes I could listen for 14.6 days without any repeats.

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