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Can anyone help me with this eBay situation?

Asked by jdogg (871points) February 13th, 2011 from iPhone

I bid on an item on eBay, and won, the only problem was I ran into some financial trouble before I won the bid but after I bid. I contacted the seller saying I’m sorry I can’t afford the item, could they please cancel my bid, sorry for the inconvenience. They never replied back, however within 24 they relisted the exact same item but, under my “won” items, it says that the item was still “unpaid” and that I need to pay for it. How do I fix this situation?

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I woould keep trying to get a hold of the company and tell them your situation. worst case scenario, they might put negative feedback about you as a buyer.

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correction: relisted**

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Well if they already sold the item under a new listing, there shouldn’t be a reason for the item to be listed still as “won” and “unpaid” under my items.

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If the seller did not reply to you after 2 days, consider contacting eBay.

Yes, you might get a negative since everything on eBay is based on a point system of negative/positive.

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They might have more than one of the same item for sale, so the one you saw sold on another listing might not be the exact one you bid on and won.

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