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What's the best way to ask a girl out?

Asked by sleuth9216 (231points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone

words, phrases, stuff to do and not to do, a good place

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Be straight up and confident. Be yourself and don’t trip.

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One of my friends doesn’t like the phrase “will you go out with me”, because it’s too cliche So I came up with a phrase he could use instead.
“Will you become a cliche with me” – I dunno if it’s that good, but at the time it seemed cute. I’m not sure if he ever used it.

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harass her until she goes out with you.

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“hey, yo, uhh.. so do you wanna go out sometime or what?”
no don’t say that.

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Start singing IMMA BUY YOU A DRANK and maybe she’ll fall for it.

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Point out a detail that someone is not likely to either,

a. notice
b. comment on.
c. (both a and b)

All the better if you mean what you say.
That being said, I wouldn’t say generic crap like “I think you look so fine…”

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For clarification, do you mean “ask a girl out” as in asking someone to accompany you on a lovely date, or do you mean asking someone to “go out” with you, as in go steady?

In my opinion, it always seems like the first one should happen at some point before the second. I remember back in high school people would ask each other to “go out” and next thing you know they’re calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend and they hardly even know each other! I’m not sure of your age, but regardless you should be able to find a way to get in some quality time with someone you’ve been eyeing from afar before going in for the BF/GF status.

That said, I think that a casual “Do you want to grab a drink/coffee/lunch/a snack/a popsicle/a sodie pop with me sometime?” usually works pretty well. It’s not too forward or intrusive, so it would relax her if she’s shy and the thought of a real date makes her anxious. Keep things casual at first unless you think she’s really interested; in which case, I say go for the gusto with the dinner-and-a-movie or something equally date-like. Also, another good way to facilitate a date might be just meeting up with that special someone someplace and offering them a ride home (provided you have some sort of trust), or even just to walk them to their next class. That’s not really a date, but it will get your foot in the door. THEN, after you guys get to know each other a little better, you can maybe ask her to be your special ladyfriend.

Good luck!

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Okay okay, just say ” HOW YOU DOIN” I edited so I don’ get spanked by modders. Some people have thin skin. Or you can say you know Chuck Norris.

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Oh Hairypalm, you charmer! Giggle giggle.

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Ask her, “Do you Fluther?”
When she says, “What?”

Describe Fluther and some of the things you found interesting.

Ask her if she’ld like to try it sometime.
Or if you have an Iphone whip it out.
The Phone. :)

The when you get to this question, “What’s the best way to ask a girl out?”

Ask her what she thinks, then follow her sugestion.

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Yo baby, are those space pants you be wearin???

Cuz yo ass be outta this world!!!!

Damn baby you got a quarter?

My mom wanted me to call her when I fell in love!!!

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Not this again.

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Call her up, ask her to meet you at some place, maybe the park, and let her know: “Hey, I kinda like you, and I was wondering if you wanna go out”.

Thats what I did :P

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