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Have you seen Day Of The Triffids?

Asked by XOIIO (18320points) February 23rd, 2011

Have you seen Day Of The Triffids? Which one did you see, the newer or original? What did you think?

I think it was a really cool movie, I just wish that the story continued to show if they figured out how to communicate with them.

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I have seen the 1962 and 1981 versions, and I love the book.
You cannot communicate with a triffid, at least in any way that we can make sense of.
The miniseries is much better, and closer to the book, than the original movie.
Keep in mind the story isn’t about monster plants, but about the monsters many of us become with the fall of society.
There was a miniseries in 2009 I didn’t even know about.
They are currently working on a new version (2013). I can’t wait.

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@filmfann Another new version? SWEET!

It is a great example of how we ourselves become the monsters, but you have to admit it would be interesting if they found a way to defeat the triffids or communicate with them

Was that nun a b*tch or what?

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There is a book sequel called Night Of the Triffids, and while it has fun moments, it cannot compare to the original.

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I definitly want to find the book. Maybe there is a pdf somewhere.

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Huh. I thought I had seen the older version, but on checking a plot synopsis, I either didn’t see it, or don’t remember it that well. I had it confused somehow with Children of the Damned. Now I’ve got something else to look forward to! :-)

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Well there is the 19-something one and the 2009 version

Children of the Damned. looks neat..

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SCARIEST MOVIE EVER! 1962 version. It was the first movie I ever saw by myself when I was eight. I had to leave, in tears, because I was so scared.

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The 62 version created new characters from the book, and added a scenerio where the Triffids would die if sprayed with salt-water. It is better without all that.

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I mistook it for “the Gnomids” and stopped watching after the supermarket death sequences…. I was scared by the Dr. Who episode about plants on a spaceship killing people and how the doctor was charged with the Triffids deaths by the “Time Lords conclave”... and I didn’t want to know more.

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The original movie was good. The book was better.

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