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How many of you Flutherites are single? Dating? Married?

Asked by TennesseeTeacake (337points) April 15th, 2008
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Married but dating singles. j/k. Just married.

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I’m single, looking for a girlfriend.

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In a relationship. (I don’t know if it counts as ‘dating’ anymore… we don’t exactly date. We more coexist in a symbiotic and snugglerific environment.)

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I’m single.

delirium: snugglerific.. how cute..

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Almost Dating?

peedub's avatar

Recently single, never married.

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In a relationship.

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single! Anyone ever get a date off of fluther?

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@brew, probably.

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@Brew- you should post that, if it hasn’t been done.

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Married for now….. My wife hates me when I fluther.

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Very married LOL

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@jamms 1 point for shitty n-gage reference ^_^

relationship going on 2 years now.

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Uber and I fight, but we always work it out (insert smiley face).

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Relationship that seems to be heading toward marriage

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extremely happily married with the best husband on the planet. And, yes, I get jewelry everytime I state that publicly.

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Engaged, almost married, cheated on, single, dating, and as myspace says it “in a relationship” my current gf approves :)

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@ninjamarc…. you lucky devil

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Well from the way that question was formed, that would be: All of us!

As for me, Married.

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Which box do I check for single and dating someone who’s married?

rking1487's avatar

@kevbo: The I’m a “homewrecker” box

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Happy (but have been through many ups and downs) and in a relationship, 3 years. To young to get married but will when we finish school and are financially stable too.

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I’m single right now, looking forward to relationship.
@brew805, I loved your question too about whether anyone’s gotten a date off Fluther, and now I’m curious. You haven’t posted it yet, so I think I’ll go ahead. Hope that’s ok!

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I’m relationshippy.

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Married with children.

hollywoodduck's avatar

recently single

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@Kevbo, there should have been a home wrecker box, theres more of us then you think!

scamp's avatar

I’m in a long term relationship heading towards marriage. He is still in training..haha!!

peedub's avatar

That’s cute

BirdlegLeft's avatar

By the looks of peedub’s avatar he still may be in training too. I really hope I can get an explanation of what’s going on in that picture. Peedub, please regale us with a tale.

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I really don’t remember, I was hallucinating.

Just kiding, it’s a photo by Terry Richardson – a photographer I like.

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i did a power point on Terry Richardson, and i almost made my teacher blush. she told me if i made her blush i failed. haha

peedub's avatar

What? I thought you went to art school. Isn’t edgy cool?

ppcakes's avatar

haha, edgy in that class wasn’t, i also showed a few sexual provacative pictures and things of that nature.

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@peedub, cool! Now we want to hear the REAL story. I mean, we can all fake a web page. (j/k)

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Ha ha! Lovin that avatar peedub. I wondered what it was, but now that I can see it better, it cracks me up!

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Thanks, I think it has inspired me to have a little photo shoot.

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You don’t want to know the real story, believe me. Hunter S. Thompson may or may not have been there, it’s sort of a blur. David Lynch and his cameramen may have been as well, I just don’t know.

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You can see more of his photos if you click on the bear suit.

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Hunter was with me if you recall correctly, we stopped by for a bit and you told us we were causing a ruckus and asked us to leave.

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Ha ha!! I should change my avatar to this:
oops, wrong link.. the one one the bottom right in the images section is what I meant!

peedub's avatar

Do it! click on ‘images.’ I like the one with the hairy dude with the kid on his back.

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This thread is far off track, but I can’t stop myself from reading it and laughing my ass off. Thanks to peedub and pp for making my day!

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It is me, just don’t tell anyone.

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As for the question asked.

Yes, I’m two of the above.

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