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Why do you think animals react strangely to me?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) February 28th, 2011

OK, so I remember stuff like this happening to me from a very young age… whenever I go near animals it’s like they’re madly attracted to me.
I go near cats, they crowd around me, meaowing and rubbing themselves against me.
I go near dogs and they bark at me in a strange way, more yipping than barking, it isn’t a harsh sound.People who are walking them have to struggle to keep the dogs away from me.
Once I went to my cousins house and there was this stray dog in the neighborhood, it just wouldn’t leave me alone!
It was quite friendly and I played fetch with it after a while, before running to the house and shutting the door on it’s adorable face.
That dog stood there for around 3 hours barking at scratching at the door before finally going away.
Another time was when I went to a park with a big pond in it.
There were swans and ducks there who all swam over to me even though I didn’t have any food. Some ducks actually came out of the water and started following me when I started to walk back home, until I came to a busy road.These are only a number of accounts, I’ve experienced many more.
It’s not like I’m afraid of animals or anything, I actually love animals, but these strange happenings are starting to freak me out. It’s like I’m a magnet or something.
Will appreciate some advice and your opinions on why this happens.

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Maybe you’re some sort of…reincarnated food. If you like that sort of thing.

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I have always believed that animals are able to sense an aspect of other living creatures that we humans are unable to perceive and do not (yet) understand. This is one of the reasons that the domestic dog has become “man’s best friend” over the few thousand years we have been paling around together.

I trust the judgment of my dogs more than I do myself when it comes to assessing the character of somebody new.

OTOH, I’m sure there are scumbags out there who have unconsciously learned to put out the good vibe as a sort of camouflage so as not to upset the resident animals.

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It probably is your smell.

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I second the smell thing, though @YoBob‘s idea of animals detecting something that (most) humans can’t is also something I give credit to.

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From a pure scientific stand point, the reason animals may be more attracted to you is because you may move your body, gait, and head in a manner in which animals do. For example, with cats, most people approach them directly and they run away, you however I bet approach them at an angle or in a circular motion so that it is more of a mutual greeting.

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I too have this happen to me. I want to ask you if street lights go out a lot of the time when you pass under them? Can you wear a watch on your person and still have it work after two weeks? Watches stop running when I wear them for two weeks and street lights are always going out when I pass under them. All these things happen to me and I finally found an article in Reader’s Digest that said there are a few people that this happens too. Also I used to have a band and when I took the plug out of the guitar and touched the end of it the speakers almost broke themselves from the screeching they made. It actually hurt your ears but when my friends touched the end of the plug it just made a buzzing sound.

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@Summum I was just thinking of asking a question about that! I have similar experiences, but I never connected it to animals liking me.

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I was amazed when I saw the article in Readers Digest. For years things like that were happening to me and I didn’t really get it, then the article came out and I read about it so I’m not the freak I though I was. LOL

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@Summum The watch thing always happened to my grandma. My grandpa used to joke that she had a “magnetic” personality & that was what stopped her watches. Her watches would stop within a day or two of wearing them. She used to keep small clocks in every room so she could keep the time.

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I can wear really good watches for about two weeks and then they stop. The cheap ones only take a day or two. It is a weird thing indeed. LOL I have been told that many times about having the magnetic personality. The speakers is a weird one and I can produce that anytime I touch a plug that goes into a guitar. The lights going out happens about 5 or 6 times a week. Last night it happened right close to my home.

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@Summum If it’s a battery-operated “analog” watch, I can’t wear it for more than half an hour before it dies. If it’s digital, I can’t wear it for more than fifteen minutes before it dies (usually the face goes black after about 5 minutes). Self-winding or manual-winding, completely mechanical watches last about 12 hours.

Now, back to the OP—you probably just smell good to them. Maybe you smell like someone who hates cats. Everyone knows cats are always the most attracted to the people who hate them, and/or are violently allergic to them. Cats are made of 95% evil and 5% hairballs. Hairballs are made of 100% pure, concentrated evil.

Possibly you are made of Velcro.

Seriously, animals just dig you. I have the same “problem”. When I walk the dog, neighborhood cats come with us. I can’t be in the house for more than two minutes before the cats and the dog swarm me and stick to me. At the dog park, total strangers of the dog variety will sit on me (often while their owners apologise and say things like “he’s usually so shy with strangers!”). I have trouble with squirrels and birds cozying up to me. Going outside is like being trapped in a Disney cartoon.

Fortunately insects don’t seem to like me.

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It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation to the animals liking someone this way and if the other things are present also?

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you give off pheromones that make them go gaga or it’s the tuna fish sandwich in your pocket.

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@ OMG!! you know what? computers jam and shut down at school all the time when I go near,, it’s happened a lot of times….teachers are fed up with me and my classmates stay away. they think I’m a freak. This also happened with a couple of mobiles that they just react to my touch in a way that is unusual… can you maybe give us a link to the article if it was online? I wanna know why this stuff happens to me, cos I feel like an alien… my mates are always taking the mick out of me…

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Let me look for a couple for you. I know there are studies going on about it and there are pros and cons about it.

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“street lights going out when you walk under them”

Use this to google and it will bring up lots of articles talking about the street light thing. But many of them talk about the watches, computers having trouble and so forth.

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You don’t keep meat or fish in your pockets, do you?

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I’ve noticed animals are often very curious about things that smell like poop. Jus’ sayin’.

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Dogs have a natural sense of Evil.

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You have a good heart stranger. Don’t lose your path…

That was my dramatic “riding away on a horse” music

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No touch, no talk, no eye contact, next time there are any animals around.

My dogs react to different people my chocolate is a emomomator, she can tell if your happy or sad or you hate her or love her. Take for example this really, really cranky old guy in my building, he was walking down the hallway blazing mad, my lab sat in his way and cooed at him with her ears back and shaking. The guy yells “get your damm dog out of my way!”. I was appalled at that moment. So I said astounded, “I won’t let her bite you” (even though my dogs have never bite anything even eachother but I always let people know I have control) This guy says angrily, “I don’t really give a shit! I will just wait until you move then because I DO NOT TRUST your dog! ”. So I said to the guy, “well that’s fine you can wait al day for all I care and your right about one thing, my dog doesn’t like your attitude!”. Then I cracked him a big smile and we walked away. My chocolate lab hates fighting of any kind first the staring at you, then some barking starts then when you dont comply and stop she will almost have seizure like activity with body shakes, then she pants and her ears go back and still shaking the cooing was really a new sign that day it told me her anxiety was through the roof, she likes the tone of the emotion very balanced.

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Whatever happened to that stray dog you slammed the door on?
It seems this attraction is not mutual in any meaningful way.

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Your last name wouldn’t be Doolittle would it?

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“computers jam and shut down at school all the time when I go near,,”

Apparently you have an animal magnetism that also puts out disruptive EM waves.
You’re like a human version of the probe that starred in Star Trek IV. ;-)

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lol, Im liking the replies guys, I thought I was the only one to have weird experiences lke this.
thank you all.. MWAH XXX

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Consider yourself blessed with this Dr Dolittle power.
How cool is that to have! A perfect power to be a vet!

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@blueiiznh lol, I dunno… does that mean I’ll have monkeys in my kitchen and would need to operate on a tiger? hmm…..

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@queenie yeah. don’t you love how smart those monkeys really are :D
I hear if you need a transfusion for the tiger, that Charlie Sheen has tiger blood!

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