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What ever happened to the 10 cent mechanical ponies in front of stores?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 8th, 2011

When my son was 6 years old, he promised to be good inside the store, if he could ride the mechanical pony outside. This was in the early 70s. For a dime, it was worth it. Once on the pony and a dime was deposited, he once stated to me “daddy, I am going to ride this pony all the way to Texas”. I could not help but to laugh. Those were the good times we had with our children. Question: where did all those mechanical ponies go? Are any still around?

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Some stores still have them.
My local grocery store has one for only a penny.
I’m guessing vandalism and insane litigiousness forced many stores to remove them, or not replace them when they broke.

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They’re around but they cost $1.50 to $3.00 per ride now. Most of them are located at outlet malls or inside of malls in a hall or family area.

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They are still around. Most of the rides are in malls and are bigger, flashier and more “fun” now. There are ponies inside a shoe store and outside a Big Lots in this area and my daughter begs to ride them more than any of the others.

Of course, this is the child who can spend hours with a stick and some rocks.

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One of my local supermarkets has one. And there’s an aeroplane-shaped one just outside the travel agency.
I don’t have a clue how much money they eat.

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Those were awesome! Even better was the toddler Fight Club that would erupt when little Johnny went to get his promised ride and some other tiny cowboy had already claimed the horse.

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They are 10 shekels here (about three and a half bucks).

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they went out with bell bottoms and high top shoes, old timer.

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Our mall, the Danbury Mall, has one, along with some other mechanical rides like a car and a train and stuff like that. Plan on about $1.00 per ride, at least.

I am probably your son’s age, because I was little in the early 70’s and I remember the local 5 and 10 had one and the supermarket had one, I think.

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