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Good housecleaner in SF?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) May 14th, 2007
Hey yall, My house needs a nice cleaning and we want to hire someone to do it. We had a great lady, but she's been a bit flaky. Do you know anyone who will clean our common areas for $100 or less? Thanks!
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I'm in the East Bay but I have a WONDERFUL person who cleans my house for $80. Send me a message directly if you want her contact info. I know she is looking for more work.
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okay flutherers, this one didn't work out cuz the gal wasn't able to come to the does anyone know a good person in SF?
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Uh, I've got someone I like who works on the peninsula. I'll ask her if she works in the city as well.
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thanks would love to hear of a good person

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