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is there a good pillow for back/shoulder pain??

Asked by nomtastic (979points) May 14th, 2007
i have been waking up with bad stiffness in my neck and shoulders. i think my pillow is the culprit. what is best for support?? memory foam? down?
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i've seen those fancy pillows with the big u-shaped dip in them and people swear by them. i don't think down is the best necessarily cuz it will flatten throughout the night. i need a new pillow too now that you mention it! maybe we can get a two for one special : )
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Every body is different. Try out firm, squishy, is like buying a mattress. Chacun a son gout. It depends also whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. I use a flattish pillow for side sleeping so my neck isn't elevated, and put a firm pillow between knees. Of course, it doesn't always stay there.
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chacun a son gout??
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nom, i've got major back pain, and i am a huge advocate of... no pillow. however if you need a pillow, I also go for the memory foam neck pillow thing from Relax the Back- but only if you sleep on your side. If you sleep on your back, down is the way to go because its not too bulky for your neck.
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Sorry. Chacun a son gout = to each his own taste. I thought it was part of the vernacular now.
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There is an aria in Johann Strauss's Die Fledermaus ("The Bat")- "I believe in the French expression; chacun a son gout."
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As a side sleeper, I like a long body pillow. They're not just for pregnant women anymore.
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My boyfriend just bought an Oxygen Pillow made by European Sleepworks. It seems pretty awesome. Be careful however because there are different sizes and it's important to get the right size for your body. You can also choose between 3 different firmnesses.
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I've dealt with a lot of back pain and choosing a good pillow is a big part of easing the pain. You're spending 6-8 hours a day on that thing, so it'd better be good for your back!

My chiropractors have always told me that a firm pillow is best. Firmer than something in the middle (and _definitely_ not down), but not so firm it has no give. I think I've heard the phrase "lightly firm" used before.

And don't shy away from spending a little bit of money to find the right one. It's worth it in the end.

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One word: TempurPedic.

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I agree that pillows depend on the heads of their owners. However, millions of Japanese seem to catch plenty of ZZZZZs with the "soba" pillows common here. I resisted even trying one for more than a decade, but eventually broke down last year. I had been through several Tempur pillows, conventional sponge pillows, etc. My neck pain kept getting worse. After switching over and getting used to the crunchy sound common to the "soba" pillow, I was overjoyed to have my neckpain vanish!!!

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buckwheat hulls. Seriously, look up buckwheat hull pillows.

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Relax the back has some great pillows. Plus, they’re having free shipping til October 23!

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Here’s a nice site to buy good pillow for your back/shoulder pain cushions pillows

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