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How do I make a piece of furniture NOT smell bad?

Asked by chutterhanban (1020points) August 19th, 2008

I bought an ottoman at Goodwill and it just smells really musty—not smoky—just really musty. I used a “pet odor remover” spray three times now and have used an outdoor strength vacuum once. Now it just smells like musty apples.

Any other suggestions?

p.s. preferably cheap… as you can read, I bought it at Goodwill (for $10) and I’m a poor college student!

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So burning it is not an option?

I vote vats of Febreeze.

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Can you use an attachment on a steam cleaner like you use for carpeting? I don’t know what those cost.

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hmmm… the pet odor stuff I’m using is just like Febreze, but all it’s doing is combining the smells which is just as bad as when you spray after pooping—i think it smells worse lol.

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febreze it. or try a dry/wet mixture using warm water and woolite. vacuum while damp.

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Try a spray bottle solution of 10% bleach (90% water). I’ve used that on old, dark fabric before, and it does not fade noticeably. Alternately, do a solution of alcohol and water (probably stronger than 10%) and let it air.

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This is going to sound weird, but it just might work. Get a bag of barbecue briquettes. (Charcoal) Open it up and put a few briquettes under the cushions underneath it, and on top of it. Just leave the rest of the bag on top of it. Put a blanket or a sheet over it and wait about a week or two. Take away all the charcoal and it should be poopy fresh. I did this with a disgusting refrigerator in an apartment once and I was totally amazed at how well it worked!

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@ judi – I have heard of that with the Lava type briquettes not the charcole kind. I will have to try it.

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Charcoal, yes—maybe go a pet store and buy activated charcoal (for fish filters), which will work better than briquettes.

May also want to try spraying with vinegar?

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I heard on Mythbusters that spraying it down with a vodka/water mixture might help.

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My friend’s couches were peed upon, repeatedly, by a sick cat. She tried everything to get rid of the odor, even having them steam cleaned, but nothing worked. She ended up having to trash the couches and start over. At least, if that happens to you, you’ll only be out 10 bucks!

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if all else fails, before you get rid of it, you can take the fabric off and the stuffing and buy new stuffing (probably about $5) and fabric you can always get on clearance at walmart for a dollar or two. you can staple it all with a staple gun (another thing that’s good to have around). the plus is you may make it look like new, in a fabric you may actually like.

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Lots of these solutions are going to cost you more than a less-smelly ottoman.

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if you want to, you can check a cheap new place like ikea for a brand new, smell-free one. Susanc has a point. you could be doing the other stuff and it still might not work.

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WOW! No fear of cockroaches or bedbugs with that piece you picked up? HEEBEEJEEBEES…..

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i couldn’t fit it in my car going to school, so i left it at home, hoping someone would bring it later. my mom called me the next day and told me that she would take it back to goodwill because it still smelled awful—so she did.

thanks for your help… i know have a list of ways to clean furniture under my belt!

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fabreez is good :-)

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OdoBan eliminates odors in upholstery, & used in vet clinics & kennels. Company is in Macon, GA. Can purchase it @ Wal-Mart & Sams Club. I use Ecco Mist Orange Citrus by Ecco Bella (E.B. Botanicals, Wayne, NJ). Purchase @ Health Food stores or online. Or a scent like “Strawberry Patch” room spray from Bath & Body. The Ecco Bella took spit up formula out of a teddy bear that I surfaced washed with water yrs. ago. “Citrus Magic” All Purpose cleaner takes out odors in kitchens, baths & furn. 32 oz.Citrus Magic & Ecover @ Whole Foods. I like Citrus Magic as it does not harm your lungs.

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you should try steam cleaning it. That usually works and then spray it with febreeze. Even if its an ottoman you should still be able to to use the wand to steam it. If that doesn’t work, might need to just throw it out. Or do a yard sale and maybe make some money to buy a better one.

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I would use Hershey’s suggestions above….but spray it really strong and then wrap the whole chair in a big plastic bag with space in it…so that it can really absorb the new smells. Leave it like this for a few days.

Good luck…let us know if anything worked?

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I would probably take the outside off, if it has zippers allowing it to, and clean those. Also, allowing it to breathe outside might help as well. Then, like many others have said, use Febreeze. I’ve used it and it really works well.

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