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What is on your 'bucket' list?

Asked by dreamer31 (1932points) March 11th, 2011

this question has been asked more than once but it has been a while, so…

fly on a plane

travel to as many interesting places as possible, all over the world

scuba dive

go to an all inclusive spa resort.
and a few more….

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Sleep with every single fluther girl.

Play baseball with all the fluther guys.

Meet Matt Browne and get him to autograph his book for me.

Have lunch with the founders plus Lisa

Jam with Paul Simon and Neil Young.

Sing a Dylan tune with him – but only playing harp and guitar. He can’t sing for shit.

Sell a million albums.

Okay – and meet Mr. Stewart or is it Sir?

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Travel through Europe.

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Travel overseas
Eat in Italy
Own a home, with a family, lots of pets and a vegetable garden
Skydive again
Own a business
Learn how to cook, more professionally
Fall in love

There’s more but I don’t have the list on me. Yes, I once made a list.

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Live peacefully- No worries mon!
Skydive- outdoors this time!
Win the lotto
Own property & land in Nyc and abroad
Travel to Fiji, Russia and all those other off the beaten path places not tainted by tourism!
Shop till I can’t anymore
Own a few cars
Own a vineyard amongst some of the things. I could go on and on…

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1. Learn basic writing/conversational skills in Latin and Arabic.

Why? I have a good foundation so far, and both languages are awesome. Also, $$$$$$

2. Learn to fight with a bullwhip.

The art of bullwhip fighting is actually a very dynamic and fascinating martial art.

3. Learn basic sword parries, blocks, and strikes.

It’s better to know how to sword fight and not have to, than to have to and not know.

4. Learn a few exhibition shooting skills.

I’m already a decent shot, so why shouldn’t I be able to light a match with a .22 or shoot a hangman’s rope loose with a lever-rifle?

5. Learn to make a fire with a bow.

Every man and woman should know how to do this.

6. Make a homemade knife.

Start with an old piece of scrap metal and make a functional knife…. why not?

7. Learn basic geological science terms.

I used to love geology when I was little… I might as well learn the lingo.

8. Learn at least 5 new guitar songs.

This one is currently being taken care of…. plus, I’ve been letting my gweetar skills slip…

9. Refurbish an old guitar.

I have my less than stellar condition ‘54 Gibson sitting around, so again, why not?

10. Learn basic wood working skills and carve a tribal style mask from a hunk of wood.

If the bushmen of Africa can do it with rocks and sticks, what’s stopping me from doing it with modern tools?

11. Learn a little basic Ninjitsu.

Because that’s awesome.

12. Learn basic first aid/first responder skills.

I’ve had to administer first aid too many times for this one to go undone.

13. Learn to build a wagon wheel and oxen yoke.

If my forebears of the mountains could do it, there’s no reason why I can’t.

14. Memorize the major battle dates and basic details of the most important Allied campaigns of WWII.

As a history dweeb, I should already know this.

15. Finish re-writing the Hypnonaut.

A dear friend inspired me to do this, and I think it must be done. I want that story to be complete.

16. Make my own clothing.

A dying art that has recently experienced a resurgence with the advent of Indie DIY culture. Again, why not?

17. Make a pinhole camera.

They are really cool.

18. Continue learning violin.

I can’t be a fiddle playing creole bastard if I don’t know how to fiddle….

19. Learn basic animal tracking skills.

You know, for tracking animals. I also need an excuse to wear my Montcastle hat more often.

20. Learn to make tapers the old fashioned way.

Candlemaking…. Could be useful?

21. Learn to cook like an Italian.

This one is self-explanatory.

22. Learn orienteering skills.

My sense of direction is terrible. I couldn’t find my way out of an invisible, wet paper bag if I had a knife, a map, and a compass.

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I’d be a happy camper if I could witness the aurora borealis.

Not to be mistaken with areola @seazen_ ;)

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Oh! I want to stay at the Ice Hotel and see the Northern Lights. Yep, totally forgot about that one – thanks @jonsblond!

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@samiam – good idea! i agree! I would add to go to the spa there a well! Awesome!

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I would like to use a toilet in every Central American and Caribbean country. So far I only have Haiti down. It wasn’t that bad.

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I want to destroy @Talimze‘s perfect lurve of 1111 by giving a great answer. Take that. You now have 1116. mwahahahaha…....

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I think most of things I want to do have been covered. I really want to travel more, and I would hope that my final days were happy with my family

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Only one thing is left….. retire on my 51st birthday.

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Mine is wiped clean except for one little important detail…. ;)

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Keep on living and being healthy

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Figure out some way to provide for my grandchildren’s education and protection after I’m gone.

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I’m content overall but, I would like to:

Travel more

Try my hand at writing and doing standup comedy ( I have material but I have yet to go to an open mic night )

Learn to play drums ( real drums, I already play hand drums )

And, of course, I’d love to win the lotto and set my daughter up for life. :-)

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Discover secret of imortality.

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That’s called ’ boob job’ and ‘butt lift’. lol

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I haven’t made a list, but here are a few things off the top of my head:

Learn conversational Japanese
I have a little Japanese from when I spent a month there 12 years ago, but I’d really like to be able to get around on my own if I were to travel there again.

Gain complete fluency in the languages which I can competently speak
I’d love to regain my French fluency (use it or lose it!), improve my Italian and my Spanish to the point of full fluency.

Spend at least a year living in Italy
I’ve visited twice, which is great, but I’d really like to live there for a while. Given my chosen academic path, I don’t think this is too unattainable a goal (and considering the fact that I turned down acceptance into a program to study in Florence for a year… once I have the money I’ll do it!).

I’ve got to steal one from @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard and say that while I’m living in Italy, I want to Learn to cook like an Italian
There’s something about genuine Italian cuisine that just can’t be beat.

Visit every Canadian province
Canada’s a pretty damn big country. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’ve only ever visited one other province, and that was only on a few quick jaunts over to Hull during a trip to Ottawa when I was 18, to go drinking.

Aaaand that’s all that’s coming to mind right now.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard For years I’ve wanted to learn Arabic too….I just don’t know where to start but I’m still hopeful that one day I’ll be able to….lets do this bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow…..god there is so much. I really want to go to space.

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Make a trip around Europe
First stop would be England. Go to a pub, have some drinks and shag some ladies
Second stop would be the Netherlands. Go to a coffee shop, have some weed and shag some ladies.
Third stop would be Germany. Go to a pub, have some drinks, eat some awesome German food, and of course, shag some ladies.
Fourth stop would be the Czech republic. Go a pub and have some drinks.
Then go back home.

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@Michael_Huntington – Are there no ladies in the Czech Republic?

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Nah, I just want to taste the great beer in Czech Republic. That’s all.

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To go on a world tour and experience all the different cultures and yummy FOOD!
To be able to continue learning different languages Spanish,Japanese,Urdu,French,Arabic and German
And to be an AMAZING martial artist,,, that would make my day LIFE!

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[ Sung to the tune of Walk Like An Egyptian ] “Cook like an Italian!” ; )

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@Coloma I suppose there’s nothing wrong with looking great while levitating… ;)

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Write something I am happy with.

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“not to kick it”

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I think we should concentrate on levitating with a bit of good wine and a bite of the herbal brownie and let the parts fall where they may.

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@Coloma I love your attitude! I’ll be right over! LOL!

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Doors wide open! :-)

Right now whats on my bucket list is to GET OFF MY BUCKET and move it out into the reality of my chores. lol

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@Seelix, I’m 50% Italian and my paternal grandparents are really hardcore Italian cooks. I have no excuse! My last name is as Italian as it gets, too

@deni, it’s not too difficult if you get a good computer program I can’t recall which one I have and start off with cutesy basic Arabic books. I started with a few books designed for kids, and they were actually a lot more helpful. The hardest part is learning the characters, but there are really only 28 or so, so it’s not too daunting.


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Finish learning the guitar
Go to Ireland and do some genealogy there
Do a demo soundtrack
Be a speaking/singing voice for a cartoon
Go spelunking throughout the world
Raise my children to be strong, productive, and charitable people
Always show my husband how much I love him

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I want to be every girl on fluther so I can sleep with @seazen_ and he will find me absolutely the most interesting man on the planet and never be tempted by anyone else.

Like Mat Browne

Anyone else feeling queasy right now, or is that another tremblor?

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@wundayatta Nah, just admiring all the love on fluther… ; D

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@wundayatta We are but a plane ride away…

And I already find you interesting and spongeworthy.

Now who’s getting queasy, eh?!

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And he spells it, because of copyright reasons, Matt Browne

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Jog the Boston marathon in under 5 hours at the age of 85 (in the year 2036).

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He noticed me! He noticed me! [swoon]

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