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What do you want to do before you die?

Asked by SavoirFaire (26186points) May 18th, 2017

Fill in the blank: “Before I die, I want to _______”?

(Inspired by this project, which is discussed in this TED talk.)

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…serve my owner the best way I can. I want to be a valuable, significant voice, that makes its master proud, and inspires other voices to raise too, even if it means my death.

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Pressure Flip. But I realize that is no longer a option. I am old and falling now hurts.

I have spent (what feels like) thousands of hours trying this trick. I can do a trick where it looks the same but it is very different. The skateboard does the same thing but how it is achieved is worlds apart.

With the pressure flip your front foot basically does nothing. All the action is in the back foot. You would be shocked at how difficult this is. Note that dude is a professional.

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Make myself useful to the world.

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Do something good which will be remembered for a long time even if I’m gone!!

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Gosh, I have so many things I want to do.

Before I die, I want to travel and see much more of the world. (I love travelling.)


Before I die, I want to write and publish a book. (And I will achieve that before the end of next year.)

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Hike the appalachian trail

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Be loved
Be published
Ride a horse
Shop without concern for price
Own real estate
Hear, “I love you Mom”, and know it is sincere.

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…live at least another billion years.

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Remain healthy up to the last minute if that’s possible.

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Receive a GA from a mod…i’m a humble man with simple needs, although I may have made all this up

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There are a bunch of places I’ve never traveled to, and so I’d like to see them. Oregon, Washington and western Canada, Montana, Germany, England, Greece, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland.

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I would like to learn about machine learning. This may not seem to be a very glamorous life goal, but I have this itch to learn about how machines are taking over, while at the same time feel an aversion toward it. I find the subject both fascinating and horrifying, sort of like looking at a giant python in a zoo. The related literature is not very well presented. I am currently struggling to get through The Master Algorithm, by Pedro Domingos. The book provides a semi-technical overview. It could be better written, but there do not seem to be any books that provide this type of introduction. I may eventually look at MOOC video lectures on ML.

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Destroy all humans.

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Figure out how not to let people who don’t care about me upset me.

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Live in as good health as possible.

And see Trump impeached or resign.

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I’d like to have my art shown at least once before I die.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me , Thanks for the link. I was unaware of reinforcement learning. One more thing I will need to learn. I did a Web search and found this summary of what is meant by supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning, in case anyone is interested.

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I’d sure love to see every bird species native to the US. I don’t have anything against birds in other countries, just trying to keep it realistic.

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I always thought I would be a mom. I wonder if I’ll do it before I die? Even if it’s fister mom maybe. It’s really unlikely at this point.

For a while I thought I wanted to do something significant in my career again. Now, I don’t seem to care again.

I’d like to do some traveling:
Panama Canal cruise

I’d like to set up my life where I can feel calm and settled. This I really should focus on. It seems impossible right now. I really appreciate calm times, I always have. I don’t understand people who move towards difficulties, but in some ways not taking action is making things worse maybe.

I’d like to have a big piece of land 30+ acres. With a main house, and a couple cottages or more. Carting track for my husband, pool. We could rent out the cottages and time on the track.

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@JLeslie why unlikely? Just out of curiosity, if you care to share. We plan to foster, but that’s something we figured we’ll wait to do just because there is not so much a sense of urgency with fostering as there is with biological children or even adopting outright.

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I want to know what it feels like to be completely open with another man. I want to be utterly vulnerable.

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A fister mom, eh.

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Become god-emperor.

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@Darth_Algar @ragingloli already holds that position.

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@ANef_is_enuf I think it’s my state of mind right now. I can’t imagine doing one more thing. Plus, we are in a “temporary” living situation right now. We own the house, but not meant to be a long term house.

@Hawaii_Jake Can you explain what that means? I’ve heard other people say similar, and I’m not sure I fully understand. Is it that you have secrets about yourself that you feel you will be judged on, or that someone can use against you? Or, that you are always pretending to be someone you’re not in some sort of way? I’m not assuming what it means, I just really have no clear idea.

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@JLeslie I feel like my whole life is learning to peel back the onion of myself. It’s been happening slowly. I want to be with a man whom I love deeply, and I want to peel back the final layer to reveal the most pure essence of myself, and I want that pure essence to be exposed to him, and I want that pure essence to know his love.

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No, my plain is to actually be god-emperor, not just make believe that I am.

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Become a world class contender in the sport of Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling in my age class.

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@gondwanalon My son paddled canoes when he was an adolescent. He moved to the mainland and doesn’t paddle any more.

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@JLeslie, wanna share a fifteen year old daughter? She’s too much for just one mom.

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someone call the police.

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I can’t think of one thing that is realistic.

I want to scruffle a tigers mane and kiss it on the nose.
I want to drop the mic.
I want to live on a property with lots of animals.

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@Patty_Melt :) Be careful what I wish for. ~

@Hawaii_Jake I don’t see how you can share something that you haven’t even revealed to yourself. Why does the final later need to be with someone else?

Don’t take this the wrong (I hate when sentences start like that) but I know more than one gay person who is accustomed to lying. Most of them had to lie and cover up their entire growing up years, so their normal is not revealing things. I should say there are plenty of straight people who are bold liars, horrible, bordering on sociopathic liars. This is different. With the gay people I don’t feel like they are bad people, I feel like society did a number on them.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@JLeslie Do you realize what you just wrote? Do you have a clue?

You just told the world that there is no hope for gay people to find intimate love. We’re fucked.

You tried to make it acceptable by saying that society is to blame.

Fuck that!

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If anyone here knows what the content of the personal attack was, please send a PM to Brian, the Drama King. ;-p

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Well, I have to say, it is difficult to break the bonds of years of self conditioning.
Most any practice a child adopts as a coping mechanism is darn hard to overcome.

@JLeslie, let me know how you’d like to set up shared daughter time.
It might be a good thing, being mom of a teen for a while. You would know for certain after that if you want to have kids.

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^I overcame it.

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Oh, hell naw. My wife has walked with me through hell and never once turned away. You are basically saying that my wife and I can’t be honest with each other; we are damaged?

That fallacious statement is so condescending and ignorant.

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Yeah, tiny, we’re just irrevocably damaged. There’s no hope for us. We’re worthless.

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@Hawaii_Jake No, I didn’t. I said you can peel that last layer without someone else in your life. It sounds like you have overcome most of what happened in your childhood. You are happy, out of the closet, etc.

Everyone is fucked by their childhood in some way, to some degree, in adulthood we have perspective, and we can become who we want to be, who we were supposed to be. I was just noticing a similarity I find among gay people, and it certainly isn’t all gay people.

I see similarities in children of abuse, again not all of them, children of very very strict parents, only children, first born children. It’s a set of stereotypes. So, it isn’t any sort of hard and fast rule that seals the fate of a person. There are books written on this shit, I’m not the only one. I haven’t seen a book about gay people, but I know some of the stereotypes passed around in this part of the country, heavy drinkers, worried about outward appearance. My gay BIL was a walking stereotype, he seems to have changed significantly over the years. Partly, because of his husband, and partly I think because he is finally out in the open about who he is. I am regarding my ethnicity I think. A little too paranoid, a little neurotic at times. Too many ruminating thoughts that interrupt my ability to move forward at times. I try to do better. I think a lot of Jews are like this, maybe the Jews like that are the ones who survived, because a little paranoia might have been a good thing since throughout history “they” really were coming after us.

I think awareness about these things can help us overcome. Knowing the why, seeing the patterns, and seeing how other people handle things can teach us. People outside of the “group” can be really eye opening. How different their perspective on life is. My husband has practically zero fear, it’s very interesting for me to be around him.

When I had trouble with my SIL I read up on cultural norms in Mexican families, and she fits a lot of it to a tee. That whole family does, but my husband doesn’t. He broke free. He sometimes has bits of what I find to be negative, but all of us have a little of it. Everything falls on continuums.

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I would like to outlive my mother. Not a given.

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Prove to the world once and for all that Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus are all, in fact, the exact same person…..

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Visit Yosemite and camp in a tent, camp in a cabin, and stay at the Ahwanee Hotel on the same trip, in summer, and then go back again to stay at the hotel in winter.

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@JLeslie There are 2 LGBT individuals in this thread that I know of, myself and @tinyfaery. You completely ignored the fact that she agreed with my assessment of your words. You said that gays are irreparably damaged, meaning our lot is hopeless. You were grotesquely offensive. Furthermore, you as the offender do not get to explain to those who were offended why they were wrong to be offended.

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Ok. I wasn’t trying to tell you you shouldn’t be offended. My apologies.

As far as @tinyfaery, I never said gay people can’t be honest. Twisting my words. I said people can be whatever they want to be, and can work on it with or without a partner.

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Oh, shit…I’m gay, a victim of childhood abuse AND Mexican. I’m fucked. I better go tell my wife.

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Are you fucked? I don’t think so. Do you?

My point was fucking empathy for how society (I should say our communities we grow up in both family and the greater community) can be cruel, and down right wrong to gay people, especially 30+ years ago. That family can make us, any of us, feel unacceptable or not good enough. We can all leave that behind and be who we choose.

Having said that, I do see nothing I say will come across with the intent I wanted to convey, so I have learned that it was offensive, because if the gay people on the thread are offended that has validity to my. and I don’t want to hurt anyone. I guessed in my first answer it might be taken wrong, and I’ll make note of how unfeeling what I said was, and strive to be better.

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