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Are plain white wrappers coming for cigarette packs?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) March 12th, 2011

In Britain, plain white wrappers are replacing the colorful cigarette packs, now on the shelves. I can assume that this will also be in America sometime soon. What is the reasoning behind the white wrapper? Is this suppose to deter young people from purchasing cigarette packs? Does the color of a pack of cigarettes really make you want to buy that brand? Question: is this a farce? Who really cares what the outside of a cigarette pack looks like? As long as the contents are tobacco and not sawdust or fillers, as are appearing in many name brand cigarettes today. What is the real reason behind this sudden change in cigarette packs?

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It’s all because of Joe Camel and the Budweiser Frogs. They ruined it all!

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Yea @john65pennington, that’s why you don’t see them anymore. Whoever get’s all pissy about advertisement got pissy over those along with other “Of age” advertising because it appealed to the children. I remember one quote went as far to say, ”...These children recognized the Budweiser Frogs before Barney the Dinosaur”.

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Since May 2008, no store in Canada is allowed to display tobacco products. At all. All cigarettes and other tobacco is either kept under the counter or on shelves with hinged covers that lift up, like these. There has been no noticeable effect on the sale of tobacco in Canada.

I would imagine that the new law in the UK would lead to similar circumstances, not packaging cigarettes in white packages. The packages would have to be completely blank, with not even the brand name printed on them, in order to be displayed.

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Ax, don’t these people understand that people will buy cigarettes, no matter what. Its like a guy I arrested. He poured out the 7Up from the can and filled it with vodka.

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Haha, no @john65pennington people don’t. Some people just want to piss on people parades and back in the day (when all this Joe Camel and stuff got removed from advertising) I felt advertising freedoms died a little inside. Then again, they’re now advertising Vibrators and on TV. I don’t get it, lol.

Also I’ve done something similar, but mine was a Mcdonalds cup, lol.

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It is being introduced in Australia too. Plain packaging for cigarettes. I don’t smoke but I suppose it is meant to counter any use of packaging to make cigarettes look cool? To use package design to encourage, particularly young people, to buy cigarettes. Although as @Seelix has said, we also have laws prohibiting cigarettes from being on display in stores. We also have had disgusting pictures of rotten lungs, and cancerous mouths etc on packaging too. Will all this stop people who already smoke from continuing to smoke? I doubt it. Will it stop young people from starting? I don’t know but it can’t hurt to try.

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If the packets don’t have even a brand name printed on them, how do you know which ones you’re getting? How can you tell which ones are menthol, lights or superlights? How can you tell what the price is, as each brand would be priced differently? Eh I’m confused.

And whats the point of changing the packaging if they have to be behind closed doors anyway? This makes no sense.

I will continue to do exactly the same as I do already – since I’m half blind and can’t see the names on the packets or the prices anyway, I just ask for “20 of whichever menthol is cheapest”.

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@downtide – What I meant about the lack of brand name was that it would have to be that drastic a change in order for the packages to be displayed. I don’t know for certain that they are changing packages at all in the UK, I just know that there’s a display ban similar to the one we have here in Canada.

Sorry; it was just a piece of speculation that ended up being a bit confusing, I guess.

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