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How long does the beet color stay in urine? I had beets 7 days ago and my urine is pink?

Asked by mamalou (4points) March 21st, 2010

color change in urine from beets how long before it turns clear?

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Beets are not causing the discoloration in your urine. you should have your bladder or prostrate checked by a doctor.

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I agree with the first respondent; a week of color in urine seems excessive. I’d recommend getting that checked. (And stop beeting off, if that’s what it’s all about.)

@john: Psst… she doesn’t have a prostate.

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See a doctor AT ONCE.

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I’ve never heard of this. I like beets but don’t recall noticing pink. It may be blood in your urine; you could have a bladder infection. See your doctor.

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Beets don’t affect the color of everyone’s urine, and there isn’t a set amount of time before it wears off. In my familiy, my mother isn’t affected at all, my father pees red/pink once after too many beets, and I could fake menstruation for two or three days if I practically think about eating beets.

That said, I think a week is probably excessive. I’d see a doctor if I were you.

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SURPRISE! Bet you didn’t expect these responses!

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@mamalou – HAVE you seen a doctor yet?

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My urine was red for a couple days due to beets.But after alot of water and magnesium 250mg,my urine is clear again.

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You are the first female jelly with a prostate.

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