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Does it mean any thing significant if a guy calls you from his bed?

Asked by acebamboo77 (717points) April 17th, 2008

A close guy friend of mine, lately has been calling me from his bed, before he goes to sleep. Just to talk. He never has anything of importance to really say, he just talks for a little bit, and then lets me go.
Is there any significance of this.
Perhaps a guys point of view may help me!

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he wants a little nite cap. Maybe your voice makes him tug on it and puts him to sleep. Ask him what’s he doing

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The only time I’ve ever done this to a girl is because I liked them.

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We do have a bit of a history… but its always been friends with benefits sort of thing… so it just makes me wonder, if things have crossed over ya know? thanks richardhenry

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It depends if he’s playing with his hair or not.

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I was joking, as in when when a women looks at a guy while playing with her hair is supposed to mean she’s into him.
I think he could be lonely. Did he just become available? I guess it might also depend on what you talk about and/or if he seems flirty.

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@peedub – I thought it was a joke, but just thought I’d make sure.
He had a girl friend for a short period of time, and they broke up about a month ago, but he has been phoning me before bed since the break up, but it occured alot during the his relationship. The conversations are always random but never really flirty per se.
I am moving home in a week, and he always brings that up too, and how he can’t wait til i am home. We’ve been really close friends for a couple years now, so maybe he is lonely.

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Gosh, I guess I would have to know you two to better assess this, it’s hard to say. I, personally, have different types of girl ‘friends.’ The spectrum more or less goes from strictly platonic, platonic but slightly uneasy (as in it could go there), mostly platonic (as in a kiss here or there) but very flirty, to ones that an occasional drunk hook-up is not out of the question. Maybe you two are in the ‘it could go there’ category.
Would you want something like that?

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Well, we are friends with benefits. It just started out as a platonic but slightly uneasy years ago, and then 3 years ago a drunk hook up happened. Then it happened again. Which basically sparked the friends with benefits relationship, which none of our friends know about as a decision upon both of us to keep things simpler. Last summer my house was the party house, and he and his friends would be at my house every weekend, and he’d stay in my room, and no one thought anything of it. When I moved away, he got a girl friend 2 months later, then broke up after I was home for a week, but things had been on the rocks prior to my home coming.
Over the summer, I definitely developed feelings for him, but have ignored them, in fear of ruining one of my best relationships i have going. I would definitely want something like that with him, however I would be returning back to school in the fall, which is 8 hous from where he lives, so I don’t know if it would be fair to start something.

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Ahh, it’s all making sense. You left a key piece of the puzzle out.

I think he’s into you, but wouldn’t rule loneliness out. See where it goes, and keep it light for now. It sounds like you have something fun.

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will do! thnx!

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Maybe you just inspire sweet dreams, you know? Lord knows we all like to fall asleep with a smile on our lips…. ;)

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awwe, if nothing else that makes me feel a little bit better, i definitely like to think he calls for a positive reason even if i cant figure out exactly why :)

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Hmm, I always see it as promising when someone calls you from bed, because it means they’re thinking of you at a time where they’re alone, and just chilling out. and even better if he’s ready to go to sleep, cos if you’re the last thing he thinks of before he goes to sleep, that’s it

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You’re the first and last thing on his mind.
He <3 YOU !!!!

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and he want to play in bed with you

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