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If I download a certain font and it goes into Font Book, can I utilize it in Word?

Asked by peedub (8703points) April 17th, 2008

How does Font Book work?
Is there another way to go about this?

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mine always show up immediately

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Yes, in my experience word scans Font Book and uses every font in there. But I am using Office 2008 so it could be diffrant from 2004. I only used that for a few weeks, total. Never dug around in that one too much.

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Bummer, I don’t see it. I have 2004, by the way.

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let us test it, open text edit, press command T, see if it’s in there

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It is. If I could just get it in Word, I’d be stoked.

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ok, so it’s active and all, uhm, well, sounds like the standard techie answer, but…reboot?

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Iwa- you rock!

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It should be automatic. At least it is for me .

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It did after I rebooted. Guess I’ll try that first next time.

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