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Is there certain eyebrow hair that shouldn't be touched?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2779points) March 19th, 2011

This question is for women obviously.
You know how on natural eyebrows, there is this:

Is it okay to pluck those? Or does it look bad, and unnatural?

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Truth is, my grandmother always insisted that you never touch the hairs on the top of the eyebrows.
However, plenty of women have that area cleaned up. I would suggest having yours professionally done, talk to the person that will be grooming your brows.. and then use whatever they’ve done as a guideline.

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Why is this question “obviously” for women? There are guys who shape their eyebrows, too, you know.

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@MacBean, true. Most barbers with trim up eyebrows. Some guys get a little wild looking otherwise.

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I have been told you shouldn’t pluck the top of your eyebrows too, but my beautician does. I think @JmacOroni‘s idea to get them done professionally is a good idea. I get mine done professionally when I get my hair done and then just keep them neat in between times.

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I knew a girl in high school who plucked from the top rather than from the bottom, and it looked horrible! As for me, I shape almost exclusively from below, but I tidy up the top side a little too.

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I think you should definitely pluck those out. How arbitrary is it to “groom” your eyebrows just beneath the arch only to leave the top bushy? You can always use the white pencil to outline the shape before plucking hair by hair. It’s not that hard, trust me.

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Well pardon my ignorance.

Thanks to everyone else.

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Yes, you can neaten up the top. Use a light hand and don’t overpluck. If you don’t feel comfortable yourself, your stylist can groom them when you get your trimmed.

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I think it is okay to pluck those hairs because their roots are above the actual desired eyebrow shape. Other than thinning the eyebrows a little bit, the shape will look the same but more groomed.

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