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Dark Circles under Eyes?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) August 16th, 2008

Are dark circles under one’s eyes related to one’s family and ethnicity (specifically East Indian)? Do they have anything to do with fatigue/sleep deprivation?

We noticed a lot of people with dark circles under their eyes when we visited Southeast Asia and were wondering if this phenomenon is genetic, sleep deprivation, ethnic, related to one’s diet, etc.

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Ive noticed a lot of south Asians with dark circles. I’d say it’s generic just based off what I’ve seen.

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i get dark circles under my eyes when i dont get a lot of sleep

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There are many possible causes for dark circles, but in the case of South Asians, it’s most often natural pigmentation coupled with sun exposure:

“Most people think dark circles are a sign of tiredness, or evidence of a binge involving too many margaritas. That’s true to some extent; fatigue makes the skin dull, and drinking alcohol dehydrates and thins it.
But the most likely culprit, dermatologists say, is excess pigmentation. Dark circles are prevalent on all skin colours, but they especially trouble African-Americans, South-East Asians and southern Italians. Beach bunnies note: Sun exposure exacerbates dark circles.” (source)

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My daughter gets them often because of a blood condition.

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It’s natural, actually. When I was in Dubai they ran tv ads for pills those dark circles. The American equivalent would be like acne problems (as far as marketing goes).

Before I saw that ad I didn’t even realize it was a problem.

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make up? lol that wasnt a joke my sister gets them after a party the morning after she has them.

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some people think wheat allergies cause that

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welllll buy Benefit makeup called Lemonade its gets rid of dark circles

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I was told dark circles are a sign of an allergic person.

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My son just went through a long rash of nose bleeds and other issues, after some testing and now allergy medication, his dark circles are starting to fade. They aren’t completely gone, yet, but looking much better!

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Are there specific allergies that tend to cause it or is it anything?

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My daughter and I have hayfever. Dust, pollen etc.

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@emilyrose – my son has a bunch of seasonal allergies – ragweed is the worst and it is currently terrible where we are. He also is allergic to pet dander, oak and certain meds. He didn’t start getting the dark circles until late August – that is also when he started having nosebleeds on and off. Then, he had 4 in one week and we went to the doctor…then to testing.

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I have them because of an accident I won’t get into. A makeup artist told me they’re mostly genetic ruptured capillaries.

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I’ve looked like a panda for years now and all I’ve managed to do about it is make sure I wear concealer (and make up on bad days) to work. I’m quite badly aenemic (sp? lack of iron) and I don’t get much sleep (due to a very loud snoring husband among other things). Don’t know whether they contribute?
hugs all xx

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