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Why won't Firefox let me open a new tab?

Asked by lbwhite89 (1208points) March 23rd, 2011

I use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and today it won’t let me open a new tab. A new tab will open only if I right click a link and select “open in new tab”. But If I just click the + button on the tab menu, nothing happens. Same if I right click a tab and select “open new tab”.

Has anyone had this issue? I’ve already restarted the browser and it didn’t work. I also checked my internet options but I haven’t changed anything.

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I guess it’s not possible to delete a question, but I fixed the issue. Apparently the Ask toolbar disabled the tab toolbar. Strange. But I uninstalled Ask and now my tabs are working perfectly.

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The above is a demonstration of why it is a good idea not to delete a question – people having the same issue can now find the answer here :)

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@lbwhite89 There might be a tad (or tab) more to it than just that. Click Tools, select Options and click the Tab tab. I have all 5 options checked, but make sure that you have at least the following checked:
■   Open New windows in new tab
■   Warn me when opening multiple tabs might slow down Firefox
■   Always show the tab bar

Best of luck with it, and I totally agree with @Vincentt, Keep questions here even if the answer shakes out of the sky right after you ask. Just post the answer as you did so other Jellies can find it, and so Google searches for the answer will help thise poor souls who who aren’t fortunate enough to enjoy Fluther. :-)

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press control + the link it will open in new tab if it not working it may be Firefox crashed reinstalled it may fix your problem.

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I googled the issue and it looks like many people have had the same problem with Firefox and the Ask toolbar, so I doubt it’s a coincidence that it started working right after I uninstalled the toolbar.

As stated in the question, I already checked my internet options (including the tab tab) and everything is as it should be.

Getting a link to open in a new tab wasn’t the problem. It was opening a new tab without having a direct link.

But anyways, the problem is solved. Thanks.

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