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What's your next holiday destination?

Asked by wildflower (11172points) April 18th, 2008 from iPhone

…..and why?
recent questions made me think of holidays :)

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I’m actually going to work in a particularly wonderful Body Lab in Maine this summer. That’s a holiday for me.

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Rosemary Beach Florida May 31st the whole family is going to stay in a house on the gulf for a week. We did it last year and it was great.

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I would love to go to Iceland. I’ve heard it’s amazing and it looks beautiful.
Apparently it’s a lot of fun at night as well.

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Ha! My old neighbor. The people are a bit odd but cool and hot springs are supposed to be amazing.

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Salou in Spain. Going with the family for a week. We plan to spend a few days in Portaventura and Barcelona. Looking forward to the Neu Camp tour.( Barcelona FC tour )

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nice! I was in Tenerife in January – Spanish food rocks

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im going to south africa to volunteer on an animal reserve for 6 weeks starting july 1st. after that, my grandparents are treating all the grandchildren (15 people plus them) to an alaskan cruise for their 60’s anniversary. after that, i start school right away, 2 days after i get back from alaska.

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Then Japan. ;-)

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I love the idea of Japan…... I watched a series called Japanorama the culture kinda scares me (so extreme), yet at the same time it’s so compelling…..

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Long Island in June for my grade school reunion. Haven’t seen most of these guys
for 50 years. Should be weird. My husband is coming too. I keep wondering how he’s going to like all these children I used to know so well. Except they’re gone. All
these big grey people will be there instead.

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Dallas, Texas. Could be a possible future destination. Anyone ever been?

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Been to Austin and San Antonio – but not Dallas…......Texas rocks!

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No, I’d love to. I’ve heard Austin is very cool.

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It is!!......The shops, the restaurants, the bars…....especially this place called Oasis by lake Travis – amazing.
oh, and some damn fine frozen margaritas to be had :)

(has the ‘keep austin weird’ t-shirt)

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I need to head out to SXSW

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oh yea, heard about that, supposed to be cool…....I wanna go back there!

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