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Do you know if I can legally obtain a copy of this game?

Asked by MaekoPoisoning (401points) March 28th, 2011

I am desperately searching for a game called Odell Down Under, where you play as a fish in the coral reef and your goal is to find the type of food that your fish can eat and you avoid fish that eat you. Unfortunately, it was originally on a floppy disk, so I am looking to download it—> LEGALLY.
Any help with where I can do that if possible?

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there was a copy flash version of this game running around on internet game sites. I’ll not try looking for it because that’s usually how my gmail account gets hacked.

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You can download it here.

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I just tried it on my mac, seems legit. No idea if it’s a demo or not!

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thanks! ^.^
you just made my day!

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… it doesn’t work :(

but thanks anyways

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