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Internet Detectives: Can you help me find the source of this image?

Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) March 29th, 2011

I need to find the original source/ artist/ photogropher of this photo. Does anyone know how I can go about this?

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It’s by Jack Crossing of GRAPHICS DESIGNS It’s called Spacesuit on fire, taken February 2, 2011.

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@syz Wow that was fast! How did you do that?

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I was lucky enough to use the words “spacesuit on fire” as my search words (pure luck), got a hit with a credit, and followed the links to the Graphics Design site. I checked a magazine cover credit to confirm.

Preens a bit: 21 seconds!

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amazing speed Syz.

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I use TinEye ( to look up comparison images and find what I can from the image itself (using ExifToolsGUI – a free download), but I wasn’t able to find the photographer.

Here (for the next 72 hours) are the two hits that TinEye returned.

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