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Why are Wal-Mart gift cards selling for more than face value on Ebay?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10839points) March 30th, 2011

There are a few completed listings that show cards at $500 going for $525. In the current auctions you’ll also notice that some are selling for more than advertised value. What gives?

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Dumb bidders? Isn’t that how auction fever works?

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They are buy it now purchasers @marinelife

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Could it be someone’s only line of credit is through paypal, and they have no physical card to go shopping with, and they are willing to take a loss by paying more for the card and being able to go shop with it at a proper wal mart?

My single guess

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Dumb bidders. Any skilled Ebay bidder would know not to even look into that shit.

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That’s totally weird! Maybe I should list the Brooklyn Bridge on eBay.

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Whoah, what the hell is going on above me?

As long as you don’t feel the urge to spend $525 for $500 thats good.

Nobody flag that answer or mine won’t make any sense!

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Somebody flagged that answer….

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