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Can you help me get the latest issue of Rolling Stone?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 2nd, 2011

I am a Howard Stern fan and there’s an article about him in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. I have tried 3 stores and they’re all out, and so has another friend of mine (she tried in her area). Do you subscribe to it or buy it? I would like to either 1. buy it from you, and pay shipping so you can mail it to me or 2. have you xerox it and i’ll pay for the cost of copies and shipping to me. If you can help me with this, we can discuss on pm how I can get it from you.

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Can’t you order issues individually from their site?

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You definitely can order back issues from the site. The most recent one available for order right now is the March 17 issue, but I bet that if you wait a couple of weeks you’ll be able to order the one you want.

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Have you tried your local library? Give them a call to see if they have it.

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I am downloading it for free I will email you privately a link to my cloud to go in and get it. The link to my cloud to get the magazine will have an expiration date so print it out s you will have it.

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Just following up to see if you got your copy. Let me know if you didn’t. I’ll get one for you.

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