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Can you retrieve files from a mac once you've trashed them?

Asked by tan235 (877points) April 3rd, 2011

I accidentally deleted my WHOLE Documents folder.
Don’t ask me how I just did but then I deleted the Trash!
so now I’ve lost it, this was about a month ago, I havn’t deleted anything since then and hardly saved anything, I“d like to get my files back, specifically my stories and lyrics that were in my Documents Folder, is there anything FREE I can use?
I run 10.4.11 .. so don’t have time machine.
Thanks for your help!

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ahem, ahem

There you go! Works brilliantly on PC and should do swell on a mac.

Okay, jumped the gun, but there should be some programs on there that work.

Have you tried Command+Z or something simmilar? How about system restore to a date before you deleted it?

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wait, is it called Ahem? or is it Recuva?
Recuva wont work on mac…. But I’ll keep looking at this page thank you!

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@tan235 No problem. I wish reciva had a mac version cause it’s aweome.

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I am guessing you didn’t get the unlimited tech support with your mac when you bought it?

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I would suggest going to website they ususally have pretty good answers to the questions I have with mine

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I know that there were plenty of them for older Macs and I see no reason why there wouldn’t be undelete utilities for OS X. Let me do a little digging for something specific.

In the meantime, you don’t want to write too much to the hard drive because it thinks that where your files were is empty space, so you risk overwriting the files which makes recovery impossible.

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If you’ve been working on the Mac for a month, the files are probably gone, even if you haven’t saved anything. The system is constantly writing to the hard drive. This is why backup is extremely important! I take it you didn’t have Time Machine (which is free and comes with your Mac) running?

Here is a discussion of some free undelete utilities.

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hey guys, so if I’ve been using my computer over this last month does that mean that they are probably lost?
Even if i were to take it into a mac technician?
Would he/she find it or are my doc’s probably gone?

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“hey guys, so if I’ve been using my computer over this last month does that mean that they are probably lost?”


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merde…. damn it… thanks @crisw – even if I took it to a qualified technician?
I write childrens stories and now a years work is gone gone gone….. so sad.
good lesson though.

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The lesson is- always back up your important work!

Out of curiosity, why did you wait a month to try and see what you could do about this, rather than the instant you realized you emptied the Trash with all your files in it?

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well, I thought it would be fine, I didn’t realise that the computer uses up that space… just not very knowledgeable about that kind of thing UNFORTUNATELY.

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Well, if it wasn’t for mistakes (our own and those of others), we’d never learn anything.

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