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What is the best way to move music, files, ect. on a big scale from my old computer to my new one?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) July 9th, 2008

I have .mac and that’s what I’ve been using so far but it’s slow.

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well, you could use a firewire cable, you could use an external drive, you could use the network, the options are limitless, just don’t burn it to a dvd, that’s just a waste of money

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If you have a firewire cable, connect the mac with all the files on to the new one and boot it up while holding “t” on the keyboard until the firewire icon appears on the target computer’s screen. It’ll then show up on the host computer as an external hard drive and you can just drag the files over.

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use an ipod as an external drive if you have one

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You could use your iPod. Just enable disk use, put your music on there in a file, connect your iPod to the new computer, and move the file over to iTunes library. It’ll transfer all the media.
Here’s the instructions. =)

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FireWire Target Disk mode = the way to go.

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PnT beat me to it. Put the old machine into Firewire target mode, connect it to the new machine and copy your stuff over. To make it reeeallly easy, connect and then run the User Migration Assistant. That will pretty much move everything into the right places for you.

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Another faster option would be connecting them together using an ethernet cable and then connecting to your old computer from the new one.
When you say new computer I assume this means it has Leopard on it. Once you connect them together with an ethernet cable, your old computer will automatically appear in the side bar. Just click and enter your password and you can move everything over!

Will be faster than firewire as well, if you don’t mind not using the migration assistant.

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Great, but I am aiming more for wireless as the computers a both desktops (iMacs) and one (the old one) is downstairs and the other (new one) is up in my room.

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Ah, well you can connect them both together if they both have wireless cards. On one of the computers, click the wireless symbol in the task bar and click “create new network”. Give it a name and password if you wish. Then on the other computer, click the same symbol and connect to the virtual network you just created. You can then connect to the computer through finder and drag any files you want off the old computer and on to the new one.
I should warn you though, wireless transfer will be slower than firewire or ethernet transfer. (but a lot LOT faster than .mac i can assure you!)

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Wifi is faster than FireWire?

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Incorrect. FireWire transfer speed far surpasses the speed of Wi-Fi.
FireWire S400 (the most common form of FireWire) has a maximum speed of 400 megabits per second, while even the most advanced wireless protocol (802.11g) only has a maximum speed of 54 megabits per second.
If you use FireWire 800, available in many of Apple’s new computers, you’re looking at a maximum speed of 800 megabits per second (that’s 100 megaBYTES per second).

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@chromaBYTE Since you indicated “Another faster option would be connecting them together using an ethernet cable and then connecting to your old computer from the new one.” above, I was under the impression you were confused. Ethernet would not be faster than FireWire, and so your statement seemed to me to be in error.

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@chaosrob most network adaptors these days are 1 gigabit compatible, and using an ethernet cable of CAT 5 or higher would produce speeds of up to this 1 gigabit connection, therefore surpassing firewire’s maximum of 400/800 megabits.
however, I do realise that Elumas is talking about an older computer, so the network card most likely doesn’t support a 1 gigabit connection. technically i wasn’t in error, but i guess the statement wasn’t helpful to the situation…

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I agree with iwamoto. Getting a Firewire Cable will be much faster than the other options.

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if you agree with me, then why are you getting lurve and not me ?....

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@iwamoto, ill hook u up just for that

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